Equipment for camping and nature walks

The holidays are here! Whether you're gearing up to conquer mountain peaks, camping by the water, or enjoying the view from your caravan, don't forget to pack helpers that provide maximum comfort in the summer. 

Vybavení na prázdniny AKU a kdekoliv.

As the saying goes, "being prepared means not being surprised." Therefore, the right gear is essential for staying in nature. To avoid being caught off guard by bad weather, annoying insects, or a flat tire, we have tips for handy helpers − a weather station, an insect zapper, and a portable smart pump. These items won't take up much space in your luggage but will be invaluable in times of need.

Don't get make you angry by the weather

Meteo stanice, se hodí nejen chalupy, ale i karavanu, chatky a stanu

Mornings are colder, during the day you can be tormented by the heat, and sudden summer storms too. How to dress properly so that you're not too hot, too cold, or drenched to the skin? The portable weather station Orava Meteo-1 will inform you precisely about the temperature inside your tent, caravan, or cabin, as well as outside. The clear display shows not only the measured temperature and humidity but also the time, date, and current weather forecast. The package includes a portable wireless sensor with IPX3 water protection. You can charge the weather station via an adapter or use the built-in battery. Thanks to its two USB ports, the Meteo-1 can replace a power bank for your smartphone or other external devices and also serves as a reliable alarm clock in case of power loss.


Get rid of annoying insects 

Even with a racket


Přenosný hubič hmyzu, který může stát i poslouží jako aktivní raketa

It's not just the weather that can turn your family trip into an unpleasant horror. Evening gatherings by the water can be spoiled by a swarm of bloodthirsty insects, and waking up in a forest clearing can be ruined by an invasion of ants, not to mention wasps or hornets. In such cases, the portable electric insect killer Orava MK-6 comes in handy, eliminating insects ecologically without using chemicals or other harmful substances. Your weapon is a high-voltage electric current of up to 1,000 volts. Thanks to its three-layer protective system, the current is dangerous only to flying insect invaders and not to humans. It passively attracts uninvited guests with ultraviolet LED light into the racket, where an electric shock takes care of them. You can also actively chase annoying insects yourself by taking the racket out of the stand and swinging it like a tennis racket.

Kills insects and also serves as a lantern


Přenosný likvidátor hmyzu, skvěle poslouží i jako lucerna

The more advanced model, Orava MK-7, operates on the same principle but also features a handy LED lantern. It shines in three modes - full bright light, dimmed to half brightness, and flashing when you need to signal your presence in the dark. You can also use it as a rechargeable power bank with an output voltage of 5 watts. Both models can be easily recharged using the cigarette lighter socket in your vehicle.


For your bike and water activities…

For maximum comfort, don't forget to pack the portable air pump Orava PUMP-1, which can inflate not only the tires of your bicycle or motorcycle but also a comfortable sleeping mattress, an inflatable float for lounging on the water, sports equipment, or a swimming ring. The large LCD display shows all necessary settings, and you can choose from four inflation modes.


Akumulátorová pumpička na kolo, motorku, matraci i věci kolem vody.

You can set the PSI, the Anglo-Saxon pressure unit that measures pounds per square inch, from 0 to 120 PSI. Of course, you can also use more common units like kilopascals, bars, or kilograms per square centimeter. Once the selected pressure is reached, the pump automatically stops inflating, and thanks to digital detection of the current state, you can verify that it is working correctly. The device also includes a practical LED light, which can conveniently replace a flashlight at night if needed. The package also includes a hose with three nozzles for different valves and a USB charging cable.