Portable insect killer 2 in 1

Portable insect killer 2 in 1

Code: MK-6

 ecological insect control

 it does not produce toxic sustances, gases or other impurities

 active and passive use

 light sensor

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Fear of mosquitoes, gnats, flies and other annoying insects!

This electric super weapon will help you get rid of him! No more stains on the walls! This insect killer has a safe three-wire system that is live inside. It neutralizes insects and does not pollute the environment. No need to exert power, no need for super skill - it's that easy to hit. Catching annoying insects will become fun and a new hobby for you. It's a great tool for killing pesky insects without chemicals, skin-irritating repellents, unpleasant odors and wall stains! The insect killer is ideal for use in the home or anywhere in nature! Effectively and quickly kills a whole range of insects and bugs. You can use it in two ways. The first is in a stand, somewhere on a table or the ground, or you can use it as a rocket, when you take it out of the stand and use it in the air. The product is completely safe.

Ecological extermination

The portable electric insect killer Orava MK-6 kills insects ecologically - without the use of any chemicals or harmful substances. It kills insect with the help of high voltage - up to 1,000 V. But don't worry - it's only dangerous for small flying creatures, but not for humans. A secure three-grid system of inclusion will take care of this. The device attracts insects with an ultraviolet LED light, and as soon as flies, gnats, mosquitoes or wasps fly inside the rocket, they receive an electric knockout.

Passive extermination

Orava MK-6 can be used to kill insects passively - just place the device in a stand indoors or on a balcony, terrace or in the garden. It attracts curious insects with ultraviolet LED light, and as soon as the flying creature flies inside the rocket, between the "string", it will be its last flight. All this happens without you having to move your finger.

Active extermination

However, if you like fun, sports competition, you don't lack the desire to score, and hitting with rackets is close to you from tennis or badminton, then take a racket from the rack - and the chasing and triafing of annoying flies, mosquito and wasps can begin. You don't need super powers or an eagle eye to "clean up" your surroundings and enjoy this fun that will quickly become popular with young and old alike.

Dimensions (cm)
17,5 x 29 x 5,4
Weight (kg)
3,7 V/ 130 mAh
Battery type
built-in rechargeable lithium
Light signaling
High voltage
1 000 V
Battery life
3 hours
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