Meteorological station with wireless sensor

Meteorological station with wireless sensor

Code: Meteo-1

• Meteorological station with a wireless temperature sensor

• An alarm clock with a resuscitation function (snooze)

• Meteor station can load up to two devices at the same time thanks to two USB ports

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With our weather station, you'll know what the weather will be like before you even get out of bed.

The Orava Meteo-1 portable weather station with a wireless sensor is ideal for measuring indoor and outdoor temperatures. In addition to the measured temperature and humidity, the large and clear display also shows the time, date, alarm or even the weather forecast. In the package you will find a portable wireless sensor with IPX3 water protection. The weather station is powered by an AC adapter or batteries. Thanks to 2 USB ports, you can also use Meteo-1 as a charger for your smartphone or other external devices.

LCD display

The Orava Meteo-1 weather station reliably informs you about the temperature inside and outside the windows of your home. In addition to temperature and humidity, you can read information about the time, date and weather forecast on the clear LCD display.

Display of temperature and weather forecast

The digital weather station has a built-in ambient temperature sensor and a wireless outdoor temperature sensor. The range of the displayed internal temperature is from 0 - 50°C and for the external temperature from -50 to 70°C. 4 infographics will inform you about the predicted weather forecast.

Wireless sensor

Meteo-1 is equipped with a wireless sensor with a range of up to 30 meters. At the same time, it is waterproof (IPX3), so even a shower of rain or snow does not interfere with it. You simply put it on the windowsill or hang it on the wall. It has its own built-in LCD display, so you can read the temperature and humidity both on the sensor and on the main screen.

Alarm clock

Set your weather station as an alarm clock! And if you want to treat yourself to a few more minutes of the desired sleep, use the snooze function, which will delay the alarm by 5 minutes.


Power supply

The weather station can be powered from a suitable 5 V AC adapter (not included in the package). In the event of a power outage, the weather station will also be powered by 2 batteries (AAA). The wireless sensor is also powered by two 1.5 V batteries (AAA).

Power supply of external devices

There are also two output USB connectors on the side of the weather station, which you can use as power for your other devices - for example, charging a smartphone or powering a USB night lamp.


SNOOZE (repeat alarm)
Weather station measurements
indoor temperature/humidity, outdoor temperature/humidity
Weather forecast display
sunny, partly cloudy, cloudy, rain
Indoor temperature range
0° C - +50 °C (+/- 1°C)
Indoor moisture range
20 - 90 % (±5%)
Outdoor temperature range
-50° C - +70 C (± 1 °C)
Outdoor moisture range
20 - 99 % (±5%)
Alarm function
Time display format
Weather station power supply
(DC 5v)
Sensor power supply
3 V (2x AAA)
Humidity indicator
Temperature indicator
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