Central service center

The central service center has the necessary equipment, a stock of spare parts, as well as qualified and experienced workers, which is a basic prerequisite for a quick repair. In case of a complaint, you can contact our service center or send the product to our address.

Product warranty

The warranty card and proof of purchase of the product are documents of consumer rights in the sense of the Civil Code. If a defect occurs on the product during the warranty period, it is necessary to present the product in its original packaging together with these documents in order to accept the claim.

The product is guaranteed for 24 months from the date of receipt of the product by the buyer.

In the event that the malfunction prevented the use of the product, the warranty period is extended by the time from the time the user made a claim for warranty repair to the day designated for taking over the product from the service. The proof is a copy of the correction letter. Warranty repairs are only recognized for manufacturing defects, not for defects caused by improper use, poor connection and maintenance, and do not cover items subject to wear and tear, especially batteries.

Central service center

Zavodná 459

027 43 Nižná


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