UEFA EURO 2024 European Football Championship

In June, a prestigious championship awaits all football lovers, in which Slovaks will also compete. It will take place in Germany and during its duration the whole of Europe will live with football. The enthusiasm and support of Slovak fans will certainly be huge. Our footballers will compete against Belgium, Ukraine and Romania at the beginning. Will they be able to defeat these opponents and bring the medals within reach? 

Mistrovství  Evropy v kopané, Televize Orava


Football UEFA EURO 2024 starts on Friday 14 June. The last match will take place a month later in Berlin, on July 14, a French holiday - the anniversary of the conquest of the Bastille. The French could thus celebrate a double victory, provided, of course, that their national football team can repeat the success of the World Cup in Qatar in 2022. They were the only European team to make it to the finals and, after a dramatic match, lost to the Argentine team only after a penalty shootout. The French footballers, together with the British national team, are the bookmakers' favourites for the winner of this year's EURO 2024 championship.


Millions of viewers in front of TV screens

Spectators will be able to watch broadcasts from UEFA EURO 2024 on Markíza and Dajto. Markíza is preparing a new match studio for all football enthusiasts, where sports performances will be commented by experts from the ranks of former Slovak representatives. Analyses, reports and other exclusive programs related to football offered by Markíza TV will allow viewers to penetrate deeply into the world of football and enjoy it to the fullest. All championship matches will also be available on the Voyo streaming service. smart LED televize s wifi

It could be said that since the anti-covid measures, streaming services have "torn the sack". But we would blame the software engineers, most of the big players like Netflix, HBO or Amazon launched their video services much earlier. Netflix introduced pre-paid access to video content (so-called SVOD, free online videos "on demand" use the abbreviation VOD) already in 2007. Together with measures against the rest of Internet piracy (the discontinued launched its platform moving on the edge also in 2007) paid video services are experiencing a real boom.


Sports for free also in 4K resolution

Sports content is among the most requested on online platforms, and TV viewers can find several hundred of them in the Google Store offer. From the online applications of TV stations, the popular Eurosport or the American ESPN, through narrowly specialized and usually paid streams from, for example, individual UFC wrestling nights and, conversely, the free Olympic Channel, to corporate Red Bull TV. Its viewing via smart TVs connected to the Internet is also free. 



Free or for the price of concessionary fees, Slovak fans can keep their fingers crossed for the Slovak team already on Monday, June 17, from 6 p.m. Slovakia plays in Group E and will play its first match in Frankfurt am Main against the Belgian team. You are in the basic part Slovak football players will also compete against Ukraine (June 21 from 3 p.m.) and Romania (June 26 from 6 p.m.). All the fans believe that they will be able to advance from the basic group to the fight for a medal. 


Television as an Internet archive

Can't wait to sit in front of the screen with your friends, colleagues or family and for the next two hours your only interest will be green ballet? Will you be satisfied with a classic linear broadcast that only repeats shots selected by the director? Or will you prefer one of the paid services, in which flashbacks, as a standard addition to "cable" IPTV (Internet TV) and streaming or satellite platforms, allow you to not only play any situation endlessly, but also to return to it for several days or to record it? 


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However, UEFA EURO 2024 also lasts during July, when many fans are already enjoying a well-deserved vacation. In order not to miss out, the Orava brand also offers the Orava LT-ANDR32 1224A television receiver with a diagonal of 80 cm and 12 V power supply, which is an ideal solution for the office, motorhome, cottage and tent. Like its bigger siblings, it offers all streaming platforms and services. So, don't forget a sufficiently charged mobile phone, TV transmission will require its share of data.