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Are you also looking forward to the holidays? Whether you are with your children or in an intimate circle of closest friends, our products will make your stay in nature, camping, in the garden and in the caravan easier. 

Novinky na Orava frčí za Vámi.

This year's summer promises more tropical temperatures, so don't forget to properly prepare for it. It has long been said that one can dress before winter, but one cannot escape the heat, even though desert dwellers have tried everything from refreshingly drinking lukewarm tea to burns, covering the body at least from the direct heat of the sun. However, as is known, you can't stop progress even with a red lantern.  If you are interested in this connection with the red lantern, then know that in order to prevent accidents due to the rampant motoring, car owners were ordered to run a carrier with a red lantern in front of the vehicle, warning civilians of the movement of the vehicle. It is evident that this measure did not affect the development of motoring in any way.

Air conditioning for all or only for the chosen ones?

However, we are interested in the progress in the field of air conditioning technology, thanks to which it is possible to create a pleasantly cooled room with a temperature of around eighteen degrees from a car standing in forty-degree heat. Domestic drivers might be interested in the fact that the first car equipped with an air conditioning unit rolled off the assembly line of the American Packard factory back in 1940. However, the chosen technology was too noisy, its dimensions took up most of the trunk (which means American cars were not small), and the desired temperature was not achieved regulate too effectively. Thus, American drivers did not see serial use until the beginning of the fifties, it became standard equipment only at the end of the sixties.

The first Czechoslovak vehicle with cabin temperature regulation was the Škoda VOS special armoured limousine, or government personal special, produced in the early fifties for representatives of the party of our working people and governments friendly to it. The development went through many difficulties, Rudolf Slánský's pregnant wife found the suspension too hard, Interior Minister Nosek complained about the uncomfortable seats, and the first worker's lady, President Gottwaldová, found it difficult to get into the car. In the end, around a hundred of these vehicles were produced, for example academician Nejedlý personally brought one to China as a gift to the great helmsman.

Air conditioning in the car remained the domain of the government nomenclature throughout the period of one-party rule. The Tatra 603 model from 1962, equipped with air conditioning, travelled with Fidel to the island of freedom, and in the 1980s, air conditioners began to be installed on a larger scale in the Tatra 613 as well. It thus became the first popularly available model of a domestic vehicle with air conditioning, initially thanks to cooperation with the new owners from the German Volkswagen concern, up to Škoda Felicia, manufactured since 1994. Even in 2010, Felicia was the most common car on domestic roads, when four hundred thousand vehicles of this brand made up less than a tenth of the fleet.

Practical tip for the cottage: Oven with plates!

So we can consider the temperature in the cars as equipped and we can focus on the destination of our holiday trip. Are you going to a cottage after winter?

You take everything off in the fall home furnishing, or do you try to soften potential thieves with an open door, several bottles of beer, a stick of long-lasting salami and a bottle of rum on the table? In both cases, you will appreciate the practical and very compact multifunctional electric oven ORAVA Elektra-X2A with a pair of plates and a respectable internal volume of 43 litters. Viewed from the front, the tasteful stainless-steel look is dominated by four control wheels, regulating the upper and lower heating, as well as the lower and upper grill, together with the option to turn on the built-in fan. The accessories include a grill grate, a rotatable skewer and a tray for draining baked fat. 

The top of the oven will definitely convince you that it is not just a nice-looking microwave. In addition to the fact that both the oven and the grill use electricity to heat food, in the first case with a power of six hundred watts, in the second even two thousand watts, the upper part is also equipped with a pair of practical cast iron plates. The larger one is located on the right side of the oven and with a diameter of 18.5 centimetres it can handle up to a thousand watts. Her smaller sister in the left part measures 15 centimetres in diameter and gets by with six hundred watts. 

Both hotplates have a separate controller for regulating the required temperature and standard dimensions for most used dishes. The baking temperature in the electric oven can be continuously adjusted in the range from 50 to 230 ℃. An electric thermostat is a matter of course, and the maximum declared power is 3,600 watts. Handy helper, right? In addition, thanks to its dimensions, you don't have to risk that it will disappear from your cottage during the winter, you can easily take it home with you. After all, the guests at your home party will definitely appreciate the electric grill!

How not to pay for a forest adventure?

After a hearty lunch, are you going for a walk in the forest to let your stomach in, or do you want to go and see popular mushroom growing areas? It can easily happen that you wade through a stream not marked on the map on your mobile phone, cross a meadow full of morning dew or fall straight into one of the frequent and well-disguised swamps while running away from an enraged bumblebee.

That's why you shouldn't miss the foldable version of the Orava SW-482 dryer at the cottage, which thanks to the electric radiator will quickly and gently dry two pairs of shoes or socks.

However, practicality comes at a cost, the folding version costs less than 60 euros. It therefore costs the same as the Orava SW-470 stationary dryer, which can even dry twice as many shoes or other soaked clothes. However, the smaller dryer has the significant advantage of small dimensions, so you can pack it in the car with a calm heart after the end of the cottage season and believe that thanks to its size, you will remember it again next year when packing for the cottage.

For the garden only for smoothies

If you are unfamiliar with such adventures, you can settle for a trip to your or a neighbour’s garden for fresh food.

The high-quality and powerful ORAVA RMU-40A smoothie mixer takes care of their processing into a tasty, nutritious and, above all, healthy smoothie. It can literally prepare delicious mixed drinks in a few seconds, and thanks to the stainless steel four-bladed knife, the ingredients will always be perfectly mixed. The mixer can process raw materials in such a way that all nutrients, vitamins and minerals are preserved in them.

Thanks to the practical bottle with a volume of 400 millilitres, you can pack a freshly mixed smoothie with you as a healthy snack to school, work or for sports activities indoors and outdoors. When you run out of the drink, you can quickly prepare another batch if you pack the necessary ingredients with you. If, on the other hand, you are in the mood for a fresh smoothie, just prepare the selected fruit, vegetables, ice, dairy products or sweeteners before going to the drink container, close the smoothie blender and pack it in your backpack. When you get hungry, you simply press the button on the bottom of the mixer and your drink will be ready on the spot in no time.


With a full container, the weight of the mixer does not exceed one kilogram, and thanks to its compact dimensions, it fits comfortably in your purse or backpack. It also has a handle, so you can comfortably carry it in your hand. And if you get two smoothie blenders, you can use them as light dumbbells during fitness runs, also functioning as a recharger of the necessary energy. The smoothie blender itself can be recharged just as easily, thanks to the classic USB-C connector.