Portable USB-C smoothie mixer, 400ml

Portable USB-C smoothie mixer, 400ml

Code: RMU-40 A

• stainless steel 4-blade knife

• LED light indicator

• container with a volume of 400 ml

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Portable USB-C smoothie blender

The high-quality and powerful ORAVA RMU-40A smoothie blender suitable for preparing delicious smoothies can prepare your favorite drink in a few seconds and always achieves excellent results. The mixer processes the raw materials in such a way that nutrients, vitamins and minerals are preserved in them. You can take freshly prepared smoothies with you to school, work or the sports field. However, you can also prepare a smoothie at the moment you want to consume it. Just prepare fruit or vegetables in the container, close the smoothie maker and take it with you. When you feel like your drink, you simply press the button on the bottom of the mixer and prepare your drink fresh right on the spot. With a weight of 500g and a volume of the mixing container of 400 ml, it is big enough to fit in your purse or backpack. It also has a handle for holding, so you can comfortably carry it in your hands. RMU-40A is fast, simple and always with you.

RMU-40 portable usb blender

Fresh smoothie always with you

Treat yourself to delicious smoothies and fruit juices at work, on the road, in the fitness center or at school. Thanks to the completely portable body of the mixer, you can enjoy your drink fresh when you feel like it. Just prepare the food in it in advance, close it and take it with you. When it's time to refresh yourself, you simply press the button on the bottom of the smoothie blender and the delicious drink is blended in front of your eyes in a few seconds.

Tip from us: For easy and quick cleaning, we recommend pouring water with a little detergent into the mixer, close the device and start mixing. This ensures a perfectly and quickly washed smoothie blender.