May is the time of love - do you know why?

Spring is undoubtedly the most charming month of the year. Everything blooms, everything turns green and clumsy babies take their first steps in nature. Few people remain immune to the charm of awakening nature.

Perhaps that is why the holiday of Saint Valentine is perceived as a foreign cultural import. After all, who would want to look for their significant other in the middle of the February snow, risk catching a cold from soaked shoes and guess the graceful lines of the figure hidden under several layers of clothing even with a shapeless down jacket on top? After all, you just have to wait until May, when your loved ones will gradually get rid of excess clothes. Together, it will become clear who did not even think about exercise after the gourmet bacchanalia during the Christmas holidays, and who, on the contrary, kept their New Year's resolution and kept their elegance and eye-pleasing shapes.

Beautiful from head to toe

Are you also expecting a wedding this spring, be it your own or one of your closest friends or family members? Then don't hesitate to choose the right one from the range of Orava products that emphasizes your beauty - but not so much that it overshadows the main star in the form of a happy bride.

Masážní přístroj s infračerveným zářením

The ORAVA MP-800 infrared massager with three operating modes will ensure a pleasant start to the new day. Stiff muscles will be moved by a classic point massage, tired parts will be relieved by infrared overheating, and the perfect combination of both elements, a massage with infrared overheating, will literally put you in a rosy mood. For the most effective procedure, you will find six massage attachments in the package designed for massaging the body, neck, head and muscles. Their regular use will help you improve blood circulation in the skin.

Elektrická sada na pedikúru a manikúru

The sunny weather tempts you to wear elegant tights, and even if it rains a little during the wedding, there is always a handsome prince who will take the queen of his heart in his arms and carry her through the puddles. After all, what man would want to listen to complaints about ruined panties, god forbid he has to buy new ones. That is already worth straining your back, at least the hero will be the object of loving care of his beloved. However, tights also require a perfect appearance of the nails. The ORAVA LYRA electric pedicure and manicure set is the ideal helper to achieve it. In the practical storage box, you will find five different attachments for fine, rough grinding and polishing of natural and acrylic nails. You can choose from two speed levels. Your legs will then be compared to Cinderella! 

How not to get sick at a wedding

Sauna na obličej

However, spring weather can surprise you unpleasantly thanks to sudden temperature changes or morning frosts. And a humming wedding guest definitely does not meet the ideal idea of a wedding guest. Do you feel like something is crawling on you? Fill yourself with a full tub of hot water and let another of the well-thought-out ORAVA products take effect. The facial sauna ORAVA FI-120 AP helps to relax the nasal and forehead cavities without pain and effort, helps to relax tired muscles and relieves their tension and pain. Before demanding cosmetics, which you definitely should not miss before the wedding day, it also thoroughly prepares the skin for the application of beautifying agents and for deep cleansing.

After returning from the feast, your skin will again appreciate the ORAVA Venere rotating silicone skin cleanser, which is suitable for every skin type and age and perfectly removes make-up. It painlessly removes the traces of a difficult party when it gently and effectively rids the skin of dirt, dead skin cells and helps to clean clogged pores. It also offers several advanced functions such as deep cleansing, skin activation, peeling or micro massage.

And just in case you don't know what to do to make the newlyweds happy, we also have a tip for a wedding gift in the form of an ORAVA W-01 waffle maker for preparing heart-shaped waffles with a continuously adjustable thermostat, thermal fuse and non-stick surface treatment of the baking surfaces. Does anyone have a better idea? Let him speak now or be silent forever!!