Automatic blood pressure monitor white

Automatic blood pressure monitor white

Code: TL-100

• Clear LCD display 

• intended for home use 

• simple to use only one button 

• indication of arrhythmia

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Digital blood pressure monitor Orava TL-100

Regular blood pressure measurement in the comfort of your home at the same time gives the most reliable report on how you are doing with your blood pressure. When measuring pressure at home, you avoid the so-called white coat hypertension - which are increased pressure values due to stress in the ambulance. When you regularly measure pressure values in the comfort of your own home, which are automatically stored in the device's memory, you will gain valuable information for yourself and your attending physician, which will allow him to set the optimal treatment for you. There is nothing difficult about measuring blood pressure - even seniors can easily do it. It is enough to have a smart helper at home with a sufficiently large LCD display, reliable measurement metrics and simple control with a single button. Such is our automatic digital arm blood pressure monitor Orava TL-100 with cuff for fastening with a range from 22 to 48 cm.

Moderný dizajn

Modern design

The Orava TL-100 digital blood pressure monitor has a modern design that looks good while also being functionally designed to provide the best possible overview. The minimalism of the pressure gauge's design allows you to focus on the most important thing – pressure values clearly displayed on a sufficiently large LCD display. So that even the view of seniors is not disturbed by any unnecessary things and they can reliably find the information they need.


The pressure gauge uses a very accurate oscillometric measurement method to measure pressure. It measures the systolic pressure (the pressure of the blood on the walls of the arteries when the blood flows from the heart), the diastolic pressure (when the blood returns to the heart), it also measures the pulse and warns you of cardiac arrhythmia with a warning sound signal. At the measured pressure value, e.g. 120/80 is the first value systolic pressure, the second diastolic pressure. 
Príkon kanvice Hiluxe-1 W

Device memory

The blood pressure monitor can be used by two people - person A and person B. The measured values are automatically saved in the device's memory for both of them together with the date and time of measurement in their own "account", which provides them with a long-term overview of stable / fluctuating pressure. After saving the 91th measurement sequence, the device's memory is automatically resetHowever, so many measured values ​​for one person have a sufficiently large informative value - if you provide this data to your doctor, you will make it easier for him to adjust your treatment.

Recommendations:  Measure your blood pressure at the same time every day. Start the measurement 10 minutes after resting in a sitting position. Do not talk during the measurement.

In the manual for using the product, you will also find a clear table with the average values of the usual blood pressure of women and men in different age categories, as well as practical advice on what to watch out for with high blood pressure, how to eat and what activities you should include in your life. 

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