Night lamp with RGB light, wireless charger and bluetooth speaker

Night lamp with RGB light, wireless charger and bluetooth speaker

Code: Crater-9

 bluetooth speaker

 support for Bluetooth profiles A2DP, AVRCP

 support for wireless Qi charging (10W)

 effective RGB light

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Bluetooth technology
Bluetooth technology enables a wireless connection to your device for convenient music streaming.
Wireless Qi charging
Qi charging provides wireless charging of compatible devices, eliminating the need for cables.

Lights up, creates a pleasant atmosphere, plays music and charges the smartphone

Orava Carter-9 is a smart multifunctional helper that you will appreciate both during the day and at night. It combines several smart gadgets that will make you want to have it at home. It is more than just an ordinary night lamp – it can conjure up a light show and create a pleasant relaxing atmosphere in the room, it also serves as a speaker for playing top charts and wirelessly charges a smartphone. At first glance, it impresses with its imaginative design in the shape of a circle with a diameter of 17 cm, and when it plays with colors, it is a perfect feast for the eyes. Adults, teenagers and families with small children will appreciate all these abilities.


No more darkness, just a pleasant atmosphere

You will appreciate the Crater-9 as a smart night lamp - it will allow you to fall asleep without worry and will light your way when you go to the toilet at night. Thanks to the RGB backlight, it also creates a pleasant atmosphere before falling asleep. You can choose one of seven colours or rainbow backlighting, when all colors alternate cyclically. If you use the Crater-9 as a speaker, it will also induce sleep with your favorite music.

A custom music show

You can also use the Crater-9 as a portable speaker that, thanks to Bluetooth, you can easily pair with a mobile phone, tablet or computer where you store your favorite pieces of music. Whether it's playing dance tracks, music for yoga sets or evening lullabies, Crater-9 will pleasantly surprise you with clean and clear sounds with dynamic bass with a power of 5 W (RMS). In the morning, the amplified sound of the alarm clock from your smartphone will reliably wake you up even from the soundest sleep. During the day, you can also use the speaker for video or conference calls.

Crater-9 party time
Crater-9 dospelá žena spánok

Convenient smartphone charging

Last but not least, you can use Crater-9 to supply "juice" for your smartphone. For charging, it uses wireless Qi technology with a power of 10 W, which is not only convenient, fast, but also gentle. You avoid searching for the charging cable and bending it unnecessarily, and you also save the charging ports of the mobile phone. Simply place your smartphone on the designated charging area, where your mobile phone with Qi technology support will charge elegantly even while listening to music or while you are sleeping soundly.

Dimensions (cm)
USB port
Weight (kg)
RMS power
5 W
Cover (waterproof)
Power bank function
Function NFC
Built-in microSD card reader
Wireless charging (Qi compatible)
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