Stylish pair of breakfast helpers from Orava

 Prepare your first meal of the day quickly and with nobility!!

Breakfast is the basis of our menu, we should not forget it. Young and old should take of a good dose of nutrients and vitamins before going to work and school so that they have enough energy to handle their daily responsibilities. It is not difficult to prepare a tasty and nutritious breakfast if you have the right helpers in the kitchen equipment. And while they still look chic and stylish, it is a pleasure with their help to prepare breakfast and enjoy the first meal of the day in their presence. Such are two captivatingly beautiful electrical appliances, which the Slovak brand Orava wore in a charming red stainless steel dress. 


the Orava Hiluxe stainless steel kettle in an attractive red outfit
To pour a cup of your favorite tea and coffee, you will be happy to use ❤️ the Orava Hiluxe stainless steel kettle ❤️ in an attractive red outfit, which will immediately become the design star of your kitchen. From the first moment, you will fall in love with its sexy red color, round shapes, high arc of the handle for a comfortable grip and an integrated analog thermometer, which displays the current water temperature during heating. It will be appreciated especially by tea lovers who know that green tea should be poured with water with a temperature of 60 - 70°Cs, fruit water with a temperature of 90°C and only black tea is poured with boiled water. In addition, the water boiled in the stainless steel kettle is odorless and tasteless, so that the pure taste of your favorite hot drink can stand out perfectly. Orava Hiluxe is ingeniously designed so that water is taken in as comfortably as possible, so that it pours into a cup and a cup with a beautiful stream, and so that handling it is a pleasure for you. In addition to its attractive appearance, it also surprises with practical features - a removable water filter strainer, a removable base that can be rotated by 3600, a light switch-on signal and protection against heating without water. Thanks to the power input of 1 800 W, it boils water in an instant and switches off automatically when the task is completed. You can heat up to
1,8 liters of water at a time so you can enjoy tea and coffee with family and friends.


2 toast toaster, which allows you to set up to 6 degrees of toastingThe second enchanting helper is ❤️ the ORAVA CRISPO 2 toast toaster ❤️ which allows you to set up to 6 degrees of toasting. You will appreciate the Stop function for immediate removal of toasts from the toaster as well as a handy removable tray for crumbs, into which bread crumbs fall during baking, so you will not have any clutter on the worktop. If you happen to find out at the last minute that the bread in the pantry for toasts is no longer left, it doesn't matter. Feel free to select laces from the freezer or refrigerator, thanks to the Defrost and Reheat functions, Orava Crispo can playfully handle them. Scented toasts pull even the biggest sleepyhead out of bed. You can indulge in them differently every day - the little ones love them spread with jam or nutella, the big ones like to enjoy toasts with some spreads. Cut the fruit with the sweet version of the toast, do not hesitate to offer your loved ones a fair portion of vegetable salad. Serve tuna spread on Monday, bryndza spread on Tuesday, cheese spread with chives on Wednesday, egg spread on Thursday, avocado spread on Friday, treat yourself to toasts on the roast and celebrate Sunday with a delicacy that the French also love - toasts smeared with butter, sliced soft ripening cheese and sliced soft figs on the top. 

Perfect couple does exist!Tasty breakfast with Orava

Photo source: orava, unsplash