Retro red kettle with 1.8 l analog thermometer

Retro red kettle with 1.8 l analog thermometer

Code: Hiluxe

• Power: 1800 W

• Volume: 1.8 l

 Material: stainless steel

• Integrated analog thermometer that displays the current water

Retro red kettle with 1.8 l analog thermometer
Retro kettle with analog thermometer, white
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Stylish kettle with analog thermometer

Luxurious stainless steel kettle will be used to prepare hot drinks, tea and coffee. The kettle with a volume of 1.8 l will impress at first sight with an analog thermometer, which will surely be appreciated by tea lovers and connoisseurs. Its power is 1800 W and it has a flexible 360° base. The heating element is covered with a stainless steel plate. This functional kettle provides protection against heating without water and automatic shut-off. The built-in branded STRIX center connector is a guarantee of high quality and long life.
Stylish retro design of Orava Hiluxe kettle

Retro design for every kitchen

Thanks to stainless steel, the stylish retro design of this chic kettle has been created, which will become a jewel of every kitchen.

Boils water for everyone

Do you need to heat up more water? Orava Hiluxe can heat up to 1.8 liters at a time, so you can prepare tea or coffee for the whole family or visit at once.
Orava Hiluxe with a capacity of 1.8 l
The power consumption of the Orava Hiluxe kettle is 1 800 W.


To boil the water takes very short time. With 1800 W of power, tea and coffee water is boiled before you can turn from worktop to table and back.

Auto OFF

We care about the safe operation of every appliance, so we have it equipped with a system that makes sure the kettle will automatically switch off when there is not water and an automatic shut-off system after boiling water.
Orava Hiluxe kettle automatic switch-off function.
thermostats STRIX - kettle Orava

High quality STRIX thermostat for the longest possible service life

Orava Hiluxe kettles with a built-in British STRIX thermostat ensure first-class operation. They meet all international standards and are known for their long service life.
1,8 L
Dimensions (cm)
22 x 28,5 x 19
Stainless steel
1800 W
Weight (kg)
Automatic switch off
Protection against switching on without water
Water level indicator
Sound signaling
Removable filter
Analog thermometer
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