Stainless steel kettle with temperature control 1.7 l

Stainless steel kettle with temperature control 1.7 l

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 modern kettle with temperature control

 the volume of 1.7 L

 high quality material o stainless steel

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Modern kettle with temperature control

This automatic water kettle is exceptional - you can pre-set the desired water temperature you need, to make your favorite hot drink. Because it doesn't matter how hot the water is when you pour green tea, black tea or coffee. This is not always the case with water at 100 ° C. Thanks to the electronic temperature control, the kettle will heat the water to a preselected temperature (70 °, 80 °, 90 ° and 100 ° C). You will be warned by an acoustic and light signal when the desired temperature is reached. The kettle also has built-in protection from water-free heating.
moderný dizajn

Modern design for every kitchen

The combination of glass and stainless steel has created the modern design of this chic kettle, which will become a jewel of every kitchen. Whether your kitchen is white, brown or blue, modern, rustic or retro. The timeless design of the Orava Delux fits every kitchen unit.

Boils water for everyone

Do you need to heat up more water? Orava Delux can heat up to 1.7 liters at a time, so you can prepare tea or coffee for the whole family or visit at once.
požadovaná teplota

The water is heated to the desired temperature

Proper preparation of some types of tea or coffee requires a different water temperature than the classic 100 °C. That's why you can choose between 4 temperature settings (70°, 80°, 90° and 100° C).

Sound and light signaling

If the water is already heated to your desired temperature, the kettle will alert you with both light and sound signals, which you will appreciate if you are in another room. 

1,7 L
Dimensions (cm)
16,4 x 4,6 x 19
Stainless steel
Weight (kg)
Input (W)
1 850 - 2 200
Maintaining temperature
Automatic switch off
Temperature settings
Protection against switching on without water
Water level indicator
Sound signaling
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