Stainless steel kettle 1,7 l, yellow

Stainless steel kettle 1,7 l, yellow

Code: VK-3217 Y

 Power: 2000 W

 Capacity: 1.7 l

 Material: PLAST- antikor

 Color: Yellow

Stainless steel kettle 1,7 l, khaki green
VK-3217 GK
Stainless steel kettle 1,7 l, baby blue
VK-3217 BL
Stainless steel kettle 1,7 l, yellow
VK-3217 Y
Stainless steel kettle 1,7 l, white
VK-3217 W
Stainless steel kettle 1,7 l, silver
VK-3217 S
Stainless steel kettle 1,7 l, red
VK-3217 R
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Stainless steel kettle

The Orava VK-3217 kettle is made of stainless steel - a noble material, more than suitable for boiling water for your favorite tea and coffee. It has a clever twist: it will alert you that the water is boiled with a LED light.
rýchlovarná konvica Orava VK-3217 sa hodí do každej kuchyne

Trendy colours will brighten your mood

If you are one of those who love colours - this kettle model is perfect for you. Coming in 7 colors: blue, brown, green, red, yellow, but also classic white and silver. Finally chic kettle for your kitchen!

Boils water for everyone

It's not just an empty beauty, it can do more than enough - with a volume of 1.7 liters, it prepares water to fill hot drinks for the whole family.
rýchlovarná konvica Orava VK-3217 zohreje až 1,5 litra vody
rýchlovarná konvica Orava VK-3217 vás upozorní aj svetelnou signalizáciou

Light signaling

At first glance it is clear to you when the water is already boiled. It intelligently alerts you with the LED indicator light on the switch (kettle switch lever).

1,7 L
Dimensions (cm)
21,5 x 24,5 x 15,5
Stainless Steel/Plastic
Weight (kg)
Input (W)
Automatic switch off
Protection against switching on without water
Water level indicator
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