Kettle 1,7 l, white-purple

Kettle 1,7 l, white-purple

Code: VK-3117 V

• Power: 2000 W 

• Capacity: 1.7 l 

• Material: Plastic 

• Color: purple and white

Kettle 1,7 l, white
VK-3117 W
Kettle 1,7 l, white-purple
VK-3117 V
Kettle 1,7 l, white-pink
VK-3117 R
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Kettle VK-3117 V

It will be excellent for making your favorite types of tea and coffee. You can rely on it to be safe: it has built-in protection against water-free heating, automatic shut-off function after boiling water, it is a BPA free product and its heater is covered with a stainless steel plate. It is easy to handle because the kettle stands on a removable 360 ° rotatable base.
rýchlovarná konvica Orava VK-3817


It works fast as its power is up to 2,000 W. Even in hectic mornings, you can enjoy your favorite cup of tea and coffee in no time.

Boils up water for everyone

The volume of the cooking pot is up to 1.7 liters, which is more than enough for making hot drinks for the whole family.
rýchlovarná konvica Orava VK-3117 zohreje až 1,5 litra vody
funkcia AutoOFF

Auto OFF

The practical function is the automatic switch-off of the appliance after boiling water. You do not have to worry about the risk that while you are doing something else, there is a risk of short circuiting or flooding in the kitchen.

BPA free

Drinking hot beverages from this kettle is harmless to health. Although the kettle is a combination of plastic and stainless steel, we have manufactured it as a BPA free product, ie without the harmful bisphenol A. You can be calm and enjoy a sip of your favorite drink.

1,7 L
Dimensions (cm)
21 x 24 x 17
Weight (kg)
Input (W)
Automatic switch off
Protection against switching on without water
Water level indicator
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