Orava Bluetooth speakers - a powerful music experience for every occasion

Orava has up to nine Bluetooth speakers to choose from - which one will you choose?

The times when we used to listen to music from cassette tapes, CDs or MP3 players are irretrievably gone. The hit of recent years has been listening to your favourite hits from personalised charts on your smartphone via mobile apps such as Spotify. However, if we relied on the sound that only comes from a mobile phone, it would be no fun at all. Quiet, raspy, nothing that's pleasing to the ears. With the advent of bluetooth speakers, however, it's a different story! Not only do they reproduce the sound of our favourite hits properly loud and in excellent quality, they also allow us to take our music with us wherever we go. So we can enjoy it to the fullest, without the use of cables, at a barbecue in the garden, in a forest clearing, on the basketball court or during a wild bike ride.

Data transmission without cables

Bluetooth technology is one of the basic wireless technologies used to transfer data (information, music) between two (up to seven) devices over short distances, specifically in the case of mobile phones this is approximately 10 metres. So there is no need to connect them with clumsy cables, just pair them by activating Bluetooth on devices that support this technology. Very often, this state-of-the-art technology is used in smartphones with the ability to pair with smart TVs, games consoles, smart watches, headphones, tablets or the aforementioned speakers.

What has bluetooth with blue tooth?

Bluetooth technology was first used by Ericsson in 1994, so next year it will celebrate its 30th birthday. It was developed by Jaap Haartsen and Sven Mattison in Lund, Sweden. Its name is inspired by Swedish history and refers to the Danish King Harald Bluetooth, who lived in the 10th century and was instrumental in uniting the Danish and Norwegian tribes in one kingdom. Through diplomacy, he was able to persuade the warring tribes to move away from arms to discussion, to end old disputes and to be able to communicate and cooperate with each other. The analogy of this story and bluetooth technology is in connecting, forming close contacts with each other and communicating through sound. The logo of bluetooth technology is also inspired by Harald Bluetooth, as it is a combination of the initials H and B written in runic script.

Speakers from Orava - from giant to dwarf with maxi sound reproduction

Aj slovenská značka Orava sa zaradila do plejády svetových značiek, ktoré vo svojom sortimente výrobkov ponúkajú bluetooth reproduktory. Keďže veľmi dobre vie, že počúvať obľúbenú hudbu chceme pri rôznych príležitostiach a nielen doma na gauči, ale aj v pohybe, či vo vzdialených destináciách, má vo svojej ponuke hneď deväť rôznych modelov bluetooth reproduktorov. Tie sa odlišujú nielen výkonom, ale aj rozmermi, hmotnosťou a dizajnom. Môžeme ich zaradiť do troch tried – od maxi reproduktora na párty, cez reproduktory, ktoré toho dokážu viac ako len očariť kvalitnou reprodukciou zvuku, až po tie, ktoré výborne znejú, ľahko sa prenášajú a milo prekvapia naozaj priaznivou cenou.

For parties and large spaces

Monumental in size and performance is the Orava Crater-L portable party speaker. It's just over half a metre high, but despite its size and weight, it's relatively easy to carry around wherever you want to party, thanks to the wheels on the chassis. It has up to three powerful speakers - one tweeter and two woofers - with a maximum power output of 50W, making the reproduced sound clear, crystal clear and dynamic, and sounding great even in large rooms. It is designed for parties, RGB backlighting will take care of the famous light show, there is no lack of input for plugging in a guitar and microphone inputs (but these are not included in the product package). With Crater-L you can also enjoy a great karaoke with the possibility to record your performances on a USB or SD card. Clever features include backlighting on all controls, which is especially handy in the dark, and easy volume control with the rotary potentiometer. You can buy the Orava Crater-L for 169 euros.

Speakers with powerbanks

Orava offers two models of speakers with dual function, namely Crater-12 with 40 W powerbank and Crater-11 with 30 W powerbank. In addition to reproducing music, they can charge a smartphone or other electronic devices off the mains - at a picnic in the city and at a barbecue in the countryside. They are like two brothers - they are very similar, but differ in important details. Both feature True Wireless Stereo (TWS), which means that when you pair a pair of speakers, you'll get high-quality stereo sound that has cveng and propagates through the room with excellence. Both speakers feature a USB input, an AUX input for connecting an external device and a built-in FM radio. Both last up to 8 hours of operation on a single charge. The Crater-12 is more robust and has a power output of 40 watts, the Crater-11 is more compact, weighing half as much as its brother, but this translates into less power, just 30 watts. Although the Crater-12 is heavier, it still carries well, as the product package includes a handy shoulder strap for carrying the speaker. There is also a difference in the degree of protection against water - while the Crater-12 is splash-proof (with IPX4 rating), the Crater-11 is not afraid of immersion in water with IPX7 rating (this is a temporary immersion in water up to 1 meter deep for a maximum of 30 minutes). The latter is therefore expressly suited for poolside fun. The Crater-12 can be yours for 119 euros, the Crater-11 for 89 euros.

Bluetooth speaker with smartphone charger and night lamp with RGB light

More than just an ordinary bluetooth speaker is the Orava Crater-9. The device catches your eye at first glance with its attractive design in the shape of a circle with a diameter of 17 cm, which already by its appearance indicates that it is an extraordinary gadget. It is a 3-in-1 device - it serves as a bluetooth speaker, smartphone charger, including the iconic iPhone and a small lamp. It has a built-in Qi charger for extra fast charging of smartphones, even the iPhone with the new iOS connects to StandBy mode on it. Just place your smartphone horizontally on the marked surface with the stand and while music is playing or you're sound asleep at night and have the Crater-9 on as a small lamp, your smartphone will be charged expressly. With a power of 5 W (RMS), it also serves well as a bluetooth speaker and pleasantly surprises you with clean and clear sound with dynamic bass. You can also use it during conference calls. If you connect it to your alarm clock, the amplified sound is guaranteed to wake you up from even the heaviest sleep. Thanks to the impressive RGB backlighting, it puts on a spectacular light show in your home that even young children and teenagers will appreciate. You can set it to one of seven colours or to rainbow backlighting, where all the colours alternate cyclically. Visually, this will create a nice relaxing atmosphere before bedtime, make it easier for young children to fall asleep without fear of the dark, and allow you to hit the toilet at night without stumbling out of bed. However, the Crater-9 doesn't have a built-in battery, so you'll need to have it plugged into the mains. This multi-helper can be yours for €30.

Bluetooth speakerphone for conference calls

The Orava Crater-7 portable conference speaker will serve you well for a professional connection with the world.It will surprise you with its professional sound quality thanks to four omnidirectional microphones with a high sensitivity of up to 5 meters, which ensure perfect sound transmission in a 360-degree range from the speaker. So you can boast an excellent connection in conversation with your boss and colleagues without noise, dropouts and unclearly articulated solutions. The speaker allows you to turn off the sound during a call (Mute function). It operates for up to 10 hours on a single charge and its power output is 8 W (RMS). In addition to Bluetooth connectivity, you can also connect external devices such as a computer or laptop to it via AUX, USB and USB dongle input. Orava Crater-7 can be yours for 67 euros.

A pair in colours at a great price

The Orava Crater-8 Bluetooth speakers in blue and red cost just under 20 euros and although they only have a power of 5 W (RMS), they are definitely worth considering. As well as being very reasonably priced, they're light to carry (weighing just 200g) and come with a strap for hanging them from your wrist or backpack.With dimensions of just 7.4 x 9.7 x 3.8cm, they'll really fit into even a small rucksack, so they'll be happy to accompany you on a nature walk or during a wild bike ride. They feature True Wireless Stereo (TWS), a USB port, and with an IP65 protection rating, they won't shy away from dust and rain either. They can play for up to 12 hours on a single charge.

For fun by the pool and in the middle of nature

The Orava Crater-6 trio also belongs to a similar category of cost-effective and easily portable bluetooth speakers, which differ from each other in color design. They're bigger than the Crater-8 and twice as heavy in comparison, but at 400g they're still a treat. They will pleasantly surprise you with a very high quality, dynamic sound with 9 W (RMS), they don't lack the True Wireless Stereo (TWS) function and with an IPX6 rating, they are so waterproof that you can use them boldly even by the pool. You can buy the Crater-6 for only 24.90 euros.

With decent performance at a bargain price

The Orava Crater-4 Bluetooth speaker boasts up to 20W (RMS) of power and plays for up to 7 hours on a single charge. It also has a built-in FM radio, True Wires Stereo (TWS) function, and you can take advantage of the USB input, built-in SD card reader, and included shoulder strap so you can strut around with a song on your lips wherever you feel comfortable with music and spoken word on the airwaves. You can buy the Crater-4 now at a special price of 41,90 euros.

Smaller size with surprisingly good performance

The Orava Crater-1 B Bluetooth speaker boasts compact dimensions (6.8 x 6.8 x 17 cm) and a decent music output of 10 W (RMS).It weighs 450 g and is easy to carry thanks to a leather strap with a mini clip for hanging, for example, on a backpack. It promises up to 10 hours of playback on a single charge, and with an IP65 protection rating, it's dust and splash proof. There's an AUX input and even NFC, which, like Bluetooth, is a wireless technology that enables fast and secure data transfer up to 4cm away, used for things like credit cards or smartphone payments. Crater-1 B can be bought for 19,90 euro

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