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Android TV from Orava - maximum fun, perfect online reset

Technology is advancing incredibly, and in the 21st century, TV is no longer just a TV, but an interactive home entertainment center that adapts to your preferences to the maximum and gives you a fun reset after a busy day. Android TVs are becoming more and more in trend due to, built-in Android operating system, which we know from smartphones, and which allow us to do exactly what we love in the online world - surf the Internet, download various applications to watch favorite movies. , series and videos on various streaming platforms, share photos and videos on social networks, communicate with loved ones or play various computer games. All this on a maxi surface in breathtaking resolution and in perfectly realistic color rendering.

Orava TV -multimedial centrumOrava Android TV homeControl via smarpthone

This is also the latest UHD Android Smart LED TV with Wifi Orava LT-Andr55 A01. On the 55´´ (139 cm) screen with UHD resolution (3,840 x 2,160) you will enjoy crystal clear images, sharp details even in fast sequences, stronger contrast and realistic movement, which will drag you perfectly into the story of exciting film and adrenaline computer games . It has a built-in Wifi and LAN connection, there si also Bluetooth, PVR function for uploading content to an external drive or USB, so you can watch it when it suits you best. HDR technology makes the image even more realistic, thanks to detailed colors and better contrast. Watching movies on Orava TVs with HDR therefore brings a fantastic experience that you have never experienced before in front of the TV. You can also conveniently connect it to a game console, amplifier, and connect headphones to it. It is intuitively controlled using the included remote control, but after downloading the application, you can also control it via a smartphone. In addition to its capabilities, it also enchants with its elegant ultra slim design, which fits into any living room. It can be yours for 599 €.

Orava TV - operating system Android

Android operating system

Smart TV platform from Google that uses operating Android system.)
It provides a convenient solution and offers access to videos, movies
and series on popular streaming platforms. In addition thanks to Android TV,
it is possible to download games and applications available on the Internet
directly through the TV.

4K Ultra HD

4K resolution is 4x higher than FullHD, allowing you to
enjoy near-real images on 4K TVs. Perfectly sharp details,
more pronounced contrast and natural movement will totally
draw you into the story of the movie.

Orava TV - 4K UHD
Orava TV - HDR

HDR - High dynamic range

HDR technology makes the picture more realistic thanks
to the detailed colors and better contrast. Watching movies
on an Orava TVs brings a fantastic experience.


With SMART TV comes fun. Expansion features make the TV a center
of entertainment and communication with loved ones. With an Internet
connection (via LAN or WiFi), you can surf the Internet, watch videos or
archives of TV stations, share photos, videos or music on social networks,
or play games.

Orava TV - SMART
Orava TV - realistic colors

Perfect colors

State-of-the-art technology on our TVs allows you to
display absolutely realistic colors. You will have the
perfect experience watching movies or playing games.

Modern design

Technology can also be beautiful. The ultra-thin frame and modern
design make Orava TVs the decoration of every living room.

Orava TV - slim design
Orava TV - no more cabels

Built-in WiFi

Just one press of a button turns your TV into
a source of entertainment. Enjoy videos, movies,
social networks or online games on the big screen TV.

Screen Mirroring

With this feature, you can display a compatible device screen,
such as a smartphone, tablet, or computer, on your TV to view
photos, videos, or Internet content on your TV directly from your device.

Orava TV - mirror
Orava TV - HBBTV


It is a combination of television and the Internet,
so you can take advantage of interactive services
and view multimedia content provided by the TV station.
Most often it is a television archive, video rental, weather
forecast, social networks or games.


Enjoy the latest in broadcast standard, which delivers
a better picture and sound quality through the use of MPEG-4 AVC.

Orava TV - DVB-S2

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