Do you know what should not be missing in your cottage?

Do you know what should not be missing in your cottage??

Cottages are a paradise. A place we like to go on weekends, during the holidays and sometimes even for a short stay. During the pandemic, they became a refuge for many, a kind of second home. Here in nature, in the middle of the woods, you could find refuge from people, reduce contacts and live your amazing private life. It is enough to have an internet connection and we do not miss any of our duties - work from home office or online teaching of children could take place between breaks in garden work, lying on the freshly mowed lawn, or before starting a family trip. If the cottage  also includes a garden, we also have a place for planting, cultivating, growing vitamin-charged pieces of fruit and vegetables. Or we can indulge in planting flower beds! If there are no gardens, it doesn't matter - the surrounding forests and meadows invite you to go hiking, picnics in nature or outdoor sports. Simply paradise!

Comfortable life - we do not have to give up on the comfort in the cottage

Gone are the days when having a cottage meant owning a small wooden log cabin or a jigsaw puzzle made of a few boards, in which it would be lit by a fireplace and candles and we would carry water from a well. Or it occurs to us when imagining a totally hipster vacation, digital detox or if we want to test the limits of our comfort zone. Otherwise, we adapted the cottages to everyday expectations from life. Although we want to spend time outside the big cities and the noise - in a secluded house, in the middle of the forest or in a small village at the foot of the hills - we do not give up our comfort. And so we are gradually equipping cottages and chalets with quality electrical appliances, which make our lives easier, allow us to have comfortable conditions, or entertain us during days outside the city.

Coffee and tea in the garden

Many imagine sitting in a sun-drenched yard, listening to birds singing and the murmur of the forest in the distance, and enjoying  morning espresso or a cup of freshly brewed herbal tea. The basis of a well-equipped kitchen in the cottage is a reliable kettle, which does not have to cost a lot. However, it should serve faithfully for many years so that you can enjoy a cup of your favorite hot drink at any time - in summer, but even when the windows are freezed. Maybe you prefer plastic classics, or glass kettles appealed to you with their clean lines and inclination towards nature. Or you want to own a piece that fits into the interior of your cottage kitchen - colorful beauties (in stainless steel color outfit Orava VK-3217 from red through brown to yellow) or ceramic teapots that look more like a great grandmother's teapot from the tea service, e.g. Orava VK-3812 C. If you love herbal teas, a glass teapot with a practical strainer for brewing Orava VK-150 tea is also suitable. If you like to enjoy a well-deserved relaxation with honest espresso in hand, so that you can feel like you are in a real Italian café, a quality espresso coffee machine should not be missing in your kitchen. Espresso with thick cream or cappuccino with carefully whipped foam from its production will be celebrated by many of your visitors. However, you can also grain your favorite coffee beans with the help of the Orava MF-400 or  milk foam with Orava MF-401 milk frother. 


How to cook quickly and efficiently

As we all know fresh air increase our appetite., However in the cottage  we usually do not have such a big kitchen as at home. Therefore, we should get helpers who do not take up much space, but still give heroic performances. Although cooling food in the stream is cool, it still pays to have at least a smaller refrigerator in the cottage with a small freezer, or a mini refrigerator, which can easily fit a smaller place or supplies for an extended weekend. We don't go to the cottage to spend a lot of time in the kitchen, we try to cook efficiently here. Therefore, we do not have to have a large stove with an oven. Depending on how many people we get used to preparing food for, we can also make do with handy cookers - for some the classic single-plate Orava VP-901 is enough, for others they choose the Orava VP-200i induction cooker for energy savings. Did you know, for example, that an induction cooker saves up to 60% of time and 50% of energy savings compared to a conventional cooker? If there is usually more people at the table, you can quickly and without unnecessary twisting in the kitchen prepare food at the Orava EC-321 mini cooking center, which is a handy combination of a double hob and an oven with the possibility of baking and grilling. You can cook two courses at the same time - while the homemade soup is bubbling on the plates, the meat and potatoes are baked in the oven.

Barbecue - a juicy and crunchy desire of every cottage owner

And as soon as it gets a little warmer, everyone is  looking forward to a proper barbecue! After all, what fits better in the middle of nature than a well-baked steak, juicy chicken, freshly caught grilled fish or grilled vegetables from your own garden? However, no one wants to grill shrouded in pungent smoke, to grill in the summer heat together with chops on the grill and instead of being comfortable, to have a half-day meal from the grill. An honest and high-quality electric grill is therefore ideal for grilling - all you have to do is plug it into the electricity in the kitchen or with the help of an extension cord, even in he garden, on the terrace or in the gazebo. Without unnecessary smoke from solid fuel heating, it will allow you to enjoy a barbecue with beer in hand - and if it suddenly rains, you will grill crunchy pieces in the interior without stress.

Dry your precious catches of wanderings in nature!

We also spend time at the cottage and wandering through nature. We often return from them with a heap of tasty and vitamin-rich catches. We want to store medicinal herbs or mushrooms for later, in stock, when nature will no longer be as generous as in the middle of summer and we will be able to pull dried spices out of the pantry with a mischievous smile. A quality food dryer will serve you perfectly for drying herbs, mushrooms, but also fruit from your own orchard or vegetables from the garden.

The sounds of nature are amazing, but ...

We go to cottages to relax from the noise of busy places. However, this does not mean that we want to be cut off from the outside world. The transistor switched on in front of the cottage or while working in the garden has been a picture of the real cottage idyll for decades. Portable radios of various sizes with excellent range and the ability to tune to clear sound should not be missing in the cottage. Lately, light bluetooth speakers have also become very popular, which you just need to pair with your mobile phone - and you can listen to the top charts and evergreens from your youth in front of the cottage, in the garden or on a bike trip. Someone in a cottage is comfortable to have a TV set with a smaller diagonal - it does not cost much, but in his company we will experience many pleasant evenings at the cottage. Especially during a long stay outside of civilization, we want to know what is happening in the world. And when we get tired of watching a blazing fireplace and playing board games, it's time for a favorite movie or series.