A healthier life - with new helpers from Orava

At the end of winter, we try to draw strength from memories of sun-drenched beaches, a holiday in the mountains, but we do not have much energy left. Influenza, virosis is all around and we feel exhausted. At a high pace of work, with full dedication and responsibilities in the family and household, we have a minimum of time for ourselves. And once we have it, do we really use it effectively? And we do not avoid certain activities every day and do them routinely - we prepare food for ourselves and our loved ones, we wash our teeth, we do not forget about morning and evening skin care ...

At Orava, we care to make the most of the time spent on these rituals and to make the most of them to enhance health and beauty. Therefore, we bring you helpers who will ensure the best possible results even in daily routine activities. Our hot news will help you save time, make your work easier, and support you in your quest for a healthier life.

Stone pans - a helper you will not let go of when preparing food

The pan is a versatile kitchenware that we often reach for when cooking, baking, frying or grilling. Therefore, it is worth considering what material it is made of and how it reacts with food even at high temperatures. The great advantage of quality stoneware pans is that they are made of clay, without heavy metals and synthetic polymers. Even at higher temperatures, they are chemically stable and do not release toxic element in the food. Moreover, stoneware conducts heat well, it does not negatively affect the taste of food, it tends to neutralize their acidity and exploit their natural sweetness. In addition, they have a long shelf life and are easy to maintain in good condition over time - because they are highly resistant to damage and scratches and have a highly non-stick surface, making the food so easy to prepare. Clean them effortlessly even with a dry kitchen towel, even after boiling and grilling. They are suitable for preparing food on all types of cookers. Get your Orava PAN-24 FMG with a diameter of 24 cm for € 29.90 and the classic Orava PAN-20 FM with a diameter of 20 cm for € 27.90. When you prepare delicious food for you and your loved ones, you will no longer want to let go of them.

7x more efficient and gentle to the gums

ZA healthy and beautiful smile is the result of thorough teeth cleaning. Thanks to the precise care of the teeth,you get rid of microscopic food residue and a coating in which the pathogenic bacteria multiply. If you want to be sure that you care for your teeth as recommended by a dentist, get a brisk helper for a simple oral hygiene - the Orava Stomafresh sonic toothbrush. When cleaning, it does not rotate but vibrates at up to 31,000 sterles/min. As a result, it removes up to 7 times more plaque than a manual toothbrush. Even with such a cleansing power, however, it remains gentle on the gums, carefully massaging them and perfusing them, thus promoting their health. It has up to 5 cleaning modes (cleaning, gentle cleaning, massaging, polishing and whitening) in the perfect dental repertoire, and a convenient off timer to clean your teeth exactly at the time required for thorough oral hygiene. With a handy travel case, you can take it anywhere, anytime with two cleaning heads and a charging stand. Sonic toothbrush Orava Stomafresh be yours for 49,90 €, also buy 4 pieces of spare heads - brush for 8,90 €.

 Must-have for beautiful and healthy skin

During the day many things affect our skin- sweat, small impurities and make-up clog pores that do not allow the skin to breathe. Therefore, every evening you should take the time to thoroughly cleanse it. It is the alpha and omega of healthy and fresh skin at any age. Evening cleaning ritual may not take you a lot of time if Orava FB-11 sonic skin cleaner becomes your helper. Gently but thoroughly relieves your skin of small impurities, dead cells and effectively helps to release clogged pores. In addition to deep cleansing for a youthful look, it also gives you the luxury of peeling and micro-massage and activates your skin. Orava FB-11 is suitable for all skin types and women of all ages, is waterproof, allows you to adjust the vibration speed during cleaning and massage and works on a 3.7 V battery. It can be yours for € 19.90. Your skin will love it!