Student equipment - some tips on appliances for the dorm and the student flat

Appliances that will quickly make themselves at home in the dorm and in the student room

They will make life easier for college students both on campus and in a rented room

They will make life easier for university students on the intThe new school year will soon be whistled off to university students. The start of the new semester is knocking on the door and students are slowly starting to pack up their belongings for the dorms and rented student apartments. Although these are often modest spaces, they can be cozy and practically equipped for day-to-day functioning. A decorative blanket over the bed, designer canapés on the shelf and an iconic poster on the wall will do the trick. However, it's not just beauty that makes a person come alive, which is why we've brought you a few top appliances from Orava that will keep both the student full and the room tidy. They boast excellent value for money that even a student's wallet can handle.

Coffee and green tea - learning helpers

In the early mornings and during long nights, a cup of your favourite tea comes in handy. Coffee, especially during the exam period, is brewed by the litre. That's why a good quality kettle is an essential helper. Our tip is the cost-effective Orava VK-3513 B kettle at a special price of only 11.90 euros. It boils 1.2 litres of water per filling, which corresponds to the volume for pouring 5 to 7 hot drinks. Thanks to its 1,000 W power, it works really fast and has all the safety features built in, such as protection against heating without water or automatic shut-off when the boiling point is reached. Although the kettle is made of plastic, it is BPA free, i.e. made without bifesnol A. So you can sip water from it without fear of toxic substances.


Mug, brew or rather a handy cooking centre

There is not much space for cooking in the dormitory, the situation is more favourable in the rented student flats. Lunch is usually provided in the dining hall, but students have to take care of breakfast and dinner themselves, within their means and abilities. However, anyone can cook scrambled eggs, pasta with sauce or rice in a few ways in times of need. If you don't have a stove, it's fine to reach for a classic electric one- or two-burner stove. A higher level is the induction double cooker, which saves up to 50% of energy and 60% of cooking time compared to a conventional electric cooker. A sophisticated solution that, although you have to pay a little extra, can be used for a long time, even after your student days are over, is the Orava Electra X-1 to X-4 electric double oven (up to four different models available). It serves as a mini cooking centre, as it offers a lot in a small space - you can cook, bake, roast and grill on it. While soup and potatoes are cooked on the hotplates, the oven can grill a whole chicken on the grill at the same time. This kitchen helper will be especially appreciated by those who enjoy cooking and like to cook for friends, as it tastes best together.

Breakfast and quick dinner 5 times different

For those who are not so keen on cooking, but would like to have something hot under their teeth, the Orava ST-500 multifunctional toaster is the perfect choice. It comes with up to five different toasting plates, so college students can enjoy breakfast and a quick dinner in more ways than one. Classic triangular toasts, shell-shaped sandwiches, sweet waffles and popular donuts can all be prepared on it. The last of the five plates are the grill plates, which serve as a mini grill for grilling smaller pieces of meat and vegetables as well as for baking tortillas, wraps or paninis. Just cut, spread, bake, or in the case of waffles and doughnuts, prepare the batter in a bowl and bake until the aroma of sweet and savoury treats wafts up the noses of all your housemates. And there's nothing better than sharing.

Vitamins to go - in the form of tasty smoothies

If they get tired of pastry, flour, meat or sweet treats, they can reach for something that will fill them up, and although it looks like a drink, it is a meal full of nutrients, vitamins and fibre. Yes, we're talking about smoothies. Their great advantage is that they can be prepared quickly and allow for a variety of flavour and nutritional combinations of both fruit and vegetables. Often, it is in this form that vegetables that young people are reluctant to reach for are more acceptable for consumption. There are plenty of smoothie recipes on the internet - from detoxes to smoothies that improve memory and concentration. But any smoothie is best freshly blended. That's where the Orava RMU-40 portable 400ml smoothie blender comes in. When you need to get up quickly and rush off to a lecture or seminar, or need to fly to a training session or meeting friends, it's ideal to take it with you. Simply charge it beforehand, chop fruits and vegetables to taste into it before you go, and when hunger strikes anywhere, just press the blend button and in no time at all, a freshly blended smoothie is ready to go. Either as a healthy snack in the time window between two lectures, or as a filling snack or quick dinner after a workout. At first glance it looks like an attractive portable bottle, however, it is a rechargeable and portable smoothie blender that allows you to enjoy your freshly blended smoothie anywhere, even outside of your dorm room.

It takes a bit of order!

Not every college student is a master at keeping things tidy, especially in the boys' dorms, it often looks like an explosion. However, it doesn't take much time to make the bed, tidy up the bedside table and shelf, and when the fallen litter on the floor is at least expressly vacuumed up, it immediately looks different. However, it must not just stop at "shall" and it will do it "by itself". A handy helper for express vacuuming, which pleases with its power but does not take up much space in the cramped conditions of the dormitory, is the Orava VY-224 handheld vacuum cleaner. It has a high suction power with low power consumption. It can be used to vacuum both dry and wet areas and thanks to the washable permanent filter, there is no need to use dust bags that would need to be changed. It works for 20 minutes on a single charge, which is just enough to keep the room in tip-top condition and the student not too harried. It fits ergonomically in the hand, is easy to use and comes with an extension tube, crevice nozzle, dusting brush attachment, liquid attachment, AC adapter and a charging bracket that can also be mounted on the wall.

We wish all undergraduates strong experiences, deep friendships, exciting loves, and much academic success this school year!