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» gaming headset LiveBass-2 «

If you are a fan of games, you definitely care about good equipment, thanks to which you can perfectly enjoy the clock at the computer or console. The choice of headphones should not be underestimated, because you need the most comfortable and at the same time powerful device for the maximum experience.

Orava LiveBass-2 - perfect game experience

After wireless Bluetooth headphones Orava comes to please even gaming enthusiasts, this time with classic wired headphones, which are, however, a top class among gaming headphones. LiveBass-2 are available in two attractive colors and in the popular closed design with dynamic speakers, which guarantees clear and unobtrusive sound. They are ideal for playing in a room with other people who will not interfere with each other. You will definitely appreciate them even if you love watching movies at night, when everyone is sleeping, because the sound played will not penetrate outside the headphones at all, while you will enjoy it in the highest quality.

In terms of technical parameters, LiveBass-2 headphones have a standard frequency range of 20 Hz - 20 kHz and an impedance of 32 ohms for gaming headphones. They connect via a USB cable and 3.5 mm jack to a computer, but also to game consoles Xbox, PS, mobile phone or tablet. You can play or just listen to music from any of your favorite devices. The headphones also include a microphone, which can be folded along the headband, if you do not need the microphone, you can turn it off completely. You can adjust the headphones to your exact size using the adjustable headband.

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LiveBass-2 nastaviteľný hlavový most

In addition, Orava LiveBass-2 are extremely ergonomic and comfortable, with fine foam reinforcements protecting the ears from being pushed. During a long game, you will not be limited by ear pain and consequently the whole head, or other discomfort. In headphone reviews, this parameter proves to be one of the most important for players, because we want to enjoy the game, not worry. Quality and fine materials tailored exactly to measure and easy to use elements are therefore an absolute priority in the world of computer games.

Gaming headphones Orava LiveBass-2, it is simply Slovak quality, functionality and a modern look in one.