Multifunction cooker

Multifunction cooker

Code: MH-05

 fully automatic operation

 volume 1,5 l

 the Keep Warm function

 light signaling

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The multifunctional rice cooker Orava MH-05 will become an integral part of your cooking. Rice lovers will especially enjoy it. Whether you're craving risotto or enjoy sushi, this rice cooker will make the rice you want. It handles all types of rice and guarantees that it will always be perfectly cooked. But it does not end with perfect rice. This multifunctional rice cooker can also be used as a pot for various other dishes. You can prepare soups, sauces, porridges, cook eggs, potatoes, pasta and various others in it. The rice cooker also includes a steam basket, thanks to which you can steam vegetables or other foods at the same time as cooking. Handling the rice cooker is really easy. The device has two indicator lights and a switch that you can use to start the entire cooking process. The inner container has a volume of up to 1.5 liters and its surface is non-stick, so you do not need to use any oil or ointment. Your dishes prepared in this device will never burn. A big advantage is also the Keep Warm function, which keeps the rice warm all day long. The rice cooker switches to this mode automatically as soon as the cooking process is finished. Thanks to its compact dimensions, it will not take up much space in your kitchen. You can hide it in the closet or place it on the kitchen counter so that it will not interfere with other things.

Accessioress MH-05


The package includes a lid made of hard glass, thanks to which you have a better overview of the cooking status of the dishes. There is a hole on its surface for the escape of excess steam. Thanks to the plastic handle, you will never burn yourself when opening it. Another supplied part is a special ladle and measuring cup. Thanks to the steam basket, which is also part of the package, you can steam, for example, delicious vegetables together with rice. Steaming will help it retain important minerals and vitamins.


Operation and maintenance

Anyone can turn on and handle the rice cooker in general. One button is all it takes to start the entire cooking process. The operation of the rice cooker is fully automatic, which means that the device turns off the cooking process by itself. After cooking, it automatically switches to Keep Warm mode. The inner container made of non-stick surface can be washed in the dishwasher. Side handles are used to easily carry the device, and light indicators are used to monitor the status of cooking or maintaining heat.

one touch operation MH-05
Quick dinner with MH-05

A great helper

The rice cooker MH-05 will win you over so much that you won't eat the pots anymore. Thanks to its simple control and automatic operation, all you have to do is put the ingredients and start cooking. Its use is versatile, whether you decide to prepare delicious rice of any kind in it or choose another dish. He can prepare different types of food. Its big advantage is switching to the temperature maintenance mode, while it can maintain the temperature for up to 6 hours.

Keep Warm function

When the rice cooker finishes cooking your rice or other food, it automatically switches to the so-called Keep Warm mode, i.e. it starts maintaining the temperature of the food. It stays in this mode for 6 hours, unless you decide to turn off the device early. Food from the MH-05 multifunctional rice cooker stays warm all day long without overcooking or losing flavour or texture. Your guests will always receive a warm meal.

keep warm function MH-05
1,5 l
Dimensions (cm)
30 x 25 x 25,5
500 W
Weight (kg)
Maintaining temperature
Automatic switch off
Light signaling
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