Multifunctional pressure cooker 9 in 1

Multifunctional pressure cooker 9 in 1

Code: MH-04

 contains 9 functions

  high-quality non-stick ceramic surface

 large LED display

 automatic shutdown

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A miracle pot in which you can cook anything

The multifunctional pot Orava MH-04 can replace several electrical appliances, as it offers up to 9 preset cooking programs, including pressure cooking. Just as it works as a pressure cooker, it significantly saves time and energy and ensures that nutrients are preserved to the maximum extent in the food and all flavours are perfectly combined into an unforgettable gastronomic experience. Thanks to the high-quality non-stick ceramic surface, no food will burn in the multifunctional pot. The oval floor plan of the pot is a guarantee that it will not take up a lot of space on the worktop, and the container volume of up to 6 litres will ensure that even a large family is satisfied. The outer walls of the pot are heat-resistant so that you do not burn yourself when handling it. In addition to the safety lid with pressure relief valve, the package also includes a glass lid with a handle, which allows you to have a perfect overview of the food preparation. The lid, immersion basket, and inner container can be removed for easy cleaning.

Due to the fast pace of modern life and the high cost of housing, a multi -functional pot is not too expensive, but it can replace several different kitchen appliances, and it also significantly saves space in the kitchen. The device has a low electricity consumption, and compared to an electric stove, you can reduce electricity consumption by half by using it.

You can select the main cooking functions on the control panel. The Delayed start function is practical, and after cooking, the pot will keep the finished dish warm for up to 12 hours thanks to the Keep Warm function.

Dusenie mäsa - MH-04


Cooking meat by stewing takes time. But not when you're suffocating it under pressure. In this way, it saves time and energy, helps preserve nutrients and, in addition, allows all flavours and aromas to be perfectly mixed in the food. The result is a gastronomic experience on a higher level. Pork, beef and lamb will taste irresistible. After switching on, the pot is automatically set to a temperature of 150 0C, but you can set it manually depending on the type of meat.


When you need to quickly prepare a side dish for the main meal or cook their favorite porridge in the morning, rely on this cooking program. It uses pressure cooking and is optimized for the preparation of rice, porridge, wheat or other grains, including lentils and other legumes. In just 12 minutes, you can serve delicious-tasting whole-grain rice, soft-boiled legumes or porridge on a plate, which will cheer even the biggest sleepers into the day.

Ryža/Kaša - MH-04
Polievky - MH-04

Soups (Soup/Broth)

Soups are the basis, as our grandmothers used to say. You can cook thick and rich broths as well as classics such as borscht, lentil, bean or cabbage soup in much less time thanks to pressure cooking. All you have to do is put all the ingredients and liquid in the cooking pot and turn on the program with the preset temperature and preparation time. If it is necessary according to the raw materials, you can set the temperature and time manually. The soup prepared in this way will be extra strong, hearty, with a maximum of preserved nutrients and perfectly combined and tuned flavors of all its components. There won't be anyone in your house who doesn't love soup.

Roasting (Sauté)

You can use this program at the beginning of cooking, as it is the first step to slow cooking or cooking under pressure. It is used for frying onions and garlic so that they caramelize nicely, as well as for quickly frying meat in a saute style. Frying in butter or oil according to the preset time and temperature or with the option of manually setting the parameters is done without the use of a lid, with intensive mixing with a spoon, which you can find in the accessories. This program, as a pre-stage of pressure cooking or slow cooking, significantly shortens the time of food preparation.
Opekanie - MH-04
Varenie v pare

Steam cooking

A healthier alternative to food preparation is cooking in hot steam. You will love this gentle treatment of vegetables, eggs and fish not only because it is recommended by doctors and nutritionists. In this way, the original, unchanged taste of the health-packed pieces will stand out, until you will be surprised how good broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, green beans, salmon, or even parsley and artichokes taste. Steamed dumplings can also be quickly prepared, while children will enjoy steamed buns and ducat buns.


Homemade yogurt is a delicacy for both children and adults. With this pre-set program, you can do it easily, even if you are just a beginner in the preparation of dairy products. Just add milk and a little plain yogurt to the 3 containers included in the package - and the multicooker will take care of the rest under pressure. In about 8 hours you have a healthy dairy breakfast, snack or snack ready. Whether you add pieces of fruit, nuts, jam or flakes to the yogurt, it will taste irresistible every time.
Hydina - MH-04


Even small children like chicken in different ways. You can prepare it quickly and extra tasty thanks to this program, which is optimized precisely for the preparation of chicken meat. With vegetables or simply stewed in juice, it will be ready before you know it, thanks to pressure cooking. You will appreciate this especially during the week, when you need to quickly serve a hot dinner on a plate - even kindergarteners and schoolchildren will not refuse chicken with rice, potatoes or pasta.

Slow cook

Meat and hard vegetables cooked so soft that they fall apart on the tongue will not leave any gourmet cold. The method of slow cooking at a low temperature is already so popular in Slovakia precisely because of the delicacy and perfectly accentuated taste of the dish. However, if you have been discouraged by the long preparation and minute energy, it is time to try slow cooking in our multicooker. Either using a glass cover or under pressure with an open pressure valve. The preset time for this program is 2 hours and the temperature is 95 0C, but you can adjust the parameters manually. The program also allows the use of Delayed Start, so that with longer cooking, a tasty meal can be prepared even at night, or when you are away from home engaged in work or leisure activities. After cooking, the pot automatically switches to Keep Warm mode.
Pomalé varenie - MH-04
Vyprážanie/Fritovanie - MH-04


You can easily prepare a generous portion of fries, a steak fried to a crisp in a triple wrap, Asian specialties in tempura batter, or sweet donuts or fans for the whole family in the frying basket with a handle, included with the multicooker, precisely thanks to this introduced program with the option of adjusting the time and temperature manually according to type and amount of fried meals.
6 L
Dimensions (cm)
32 x 31,5 x 33,5
1000 W
Weight (kg)
Number of programs
Maintaining temperature
Automatic switch off
Temperature settings
Sound signaling
Light signaling
Temperature regulation
Thermal insulated surface
Start delay
24 h
Pressure cooker
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