Front-loading washing machine SLIM, 6kg

Front-loading washing machine SLIM, 6kg

Code: WMO-610

• elegant design with gently curved lines

 simple operation because of clear display

• capacity 6 kg

• large door for easy loading and unloading

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Front-loading washing machine
The front-loading washing machine offers convenient loading and unloading of laundry and is ideal for placement under the worktop.
Narrow slim washing machine for placement anywhere
The Slim washing machine has a narrow design that fits into smaller spaces without having to sacrifice capacity or performance.
Maximum number of revolutions per minute 1000
This parameter informs about the maximum number of revolutions per minute that the motor of the washing machine is capable of achieving during spinning.
Washing machine capacity 6 kg
The capacity of the washing machine determines the maximum weight of dry laundry that can be washed at once without damaging the washing machine and the laundry is washed well.


6 kg SLIM Washing machine 

The WMO-610 stands out at first glance with its sleek design, featuring finely rounded lines and simple operation thanks to its clear display. The machine is designed to fit into the interior thanks to a narrow depth of the appliance, which is only 41.6 cm. Loading and unloading of laundry is comfortable thanks to the large enough door and the washing machine offers a drum capacity of 6 kg. The washing machine has a spin speed of 1000. Of course there are programs such as ecological washing, delicate laundry, cold or fast washing.

Noise level 76dB

It is important how loud your machine washes. Often, this appliance is located in the kitchen or just across the wall next to the room where you sleep or spend your free time. The noise level in dB tells you if the machine will disturb you. The machine does not disturb its sound even when operating at full speed. 
noise level 77dB
washing machine

Washing programs

Orava washing machines offer a wide range of washing programs. Because we know that each type of fabric needs a different temperature and different washing time. You can choose from programs lasting up to two hours, but also short, few-minute programs for express washing, the possibility of spinning, washing only in cold water, but also in hot water. So that washing is optimal for your wardrobe .

Capacity 6kg

Especially in a bigger households, it is important to fit as much laundry as possible in a washing machine. Nobody desires to spend their free time doing washing instead of spending active time outdoors . Choose the appliance that suits your household needs!
Capacity 6kg
Front load

Front load

Laundry are loading into the machine from the front. Although you have to bend, this way of filling the washing machine provides more space for handling the laundry so that clean and fragrant pieces of clothing can be nicely placed in the laundry basket for hanging.

Delayed start

Delayed start is a practical feature that allows you to "run" the machine when it suits you best. Want to get back from work and have your laundry washed? Or wake up in the morning and hang up already clean laundry. Simply select the desired start time on the washing machine display - and she will do everything necessary for you when it suits you best. Thanks to the Delayed Time function, you can also use cheaper electricity during night operation.
delayed start
Child lock

Child lock

Children are fascinated by electrical appliances during operation. If you want to avoid having your children turn off the washing machine in the middle of the washing cycle, or turning the delicate sweater wash into a hot tub, use the practical Child Lock function. This will lock the buttons until the wash program that has already been set is finished.


You will appreciate SLIM, the thiner design of the washing machine, if you have less space in the home. When you have to count every inch of usable area, the SLIM washing machine is a great solution. It does not take up much space, but will give your laundry all the necessary care to keep it in top condition.
SLIM design

Annual energy consumption
171 kWh
Energy class
Dimensions (cm)
Weight (kg)
Noise max.
77 dB
Drum capacity (kg)
Design SLIM
Children lock
Annual energy consumption during washing
171 W
Number of hopper chambers
Loading linen
Type of washing machine
Front loader
Max. spin speed
Number of programs
Adjustable temperature
20-90 °C
delayed start
Návod na obsluhu (SK)
Návod k obsluze (CZ)
Energy label