Pulse oximeter

Pulse oximeter

Code: Oxi-1

• pulse finger oximeter with easy operation
• clinical accuracy of SpO2 and heart rate measurements
• two-color OLED display
• automatic shutdown

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The OXI-1 oximeter measures oxygen saturation (SpO2) and heart rate through the finger artery.
Based on digital technology, the finger pulse oximeter measures the amount of oxyhemoglobin (HbO2)
in the arterial blood by non-invasive optical transmission. It is especially suitable for high-risk patients, people with heart disease, asthmatics, athletes, but also for healthy people moving at high altitudes. The operation of the oximeter is very simple. After switching on and then attaching the OXI-1 to the finger, the measured values ​​will appear on the two-color OLED display within a few seconds. If you remove your finger from the pulse oximeter after the measurement, the device switches off automatically after approx. 8 seconds.

Oxymeter - meranie kyslíka aj srdcového tepu

What is an oximeter?

The Oxi-1 pulse oximeter is a device designed for non-invasive measurement of blood saturation (SpO2) and also records heart rate (bpm) in adults and children. The saturation value indicates how much of the blood is saturated with oxygen. The range of measurement of saturation with the Orava oximeter is from 70% -99% and at a heart rate of 50bpm-130bpm.

Fast and accurate measurement

The pulse oximeter uses two light beams of different wavelengths to measure, which strike a finger inserted inside the device. The signal is recorded by a high-quality chip and the result is displayed on a two-color OLED display.
Oximeter - rýchle a presné meranie
Jednoduché ovládanie oximetra

One button measurement

Thanks to the simple one-button operation, the use of the device is also convenient for older people. The oximeter automatically shuts off when not in use.
Dimensions (cm)
5,8 x 3,3 x 3,0
Weight (kg)
Automatic switch off
Oxygen saturation (SpO2) measuring range
70% - 99 %
Pulse measurement range (PR)
30 - 240 beats/min.
Power supply
3V (2x AAA)
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