Non-contac infrared thermometer

Non-contac infrared thermometer

Code: MT-330

measures the temperature of the body but also objects

measuring the temperature of as little as 1 second

large LCD display

remember last 32 measurements

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Practical infrared thermometer MT-330 is a reliable assistant for measuring body temperature, which can measure the temperature in the ear and forehead. While a classical glass thermometer and a digital thermometer directly measure the temperature of the human body, in the ear and forehead, the temperature of the body core is measured by infrared radiation of the body. The MT-330 measures temperature in as little as 1 second, ranging from 32 ° C to 44 ° C. The advantage is that it remembers the last 10 measurements, and tracking the measured values is very easy. It allows the measured temperatures to be displayed in ° C but also in ° F and the measured temperatures are displayed on a large clear LCD display. After about one minute of inactivity, the unit automatically turns off. In addition to the thermometer, you will find 20 sensor ear attachments in the ear, a sensor head extension for the front, and a sensor cover.

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7,5 x 15 x 4
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