Ionizing hair brush black

Ionizing hair brush black

Code: ZVK-207

• antistatic ceramic brush

LED backlit display

adjusting the temperature 80-230 ° C

simple operation

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Do you want perfectly straight hair? But don't you want to treat your hair with an ordinary hair straightener that straightens but also damages your hair?
The revolution in hair care is brought by antistatic ceramic brush! Brush is a combination of ceramic iron and antistatic brush, which perfectly straightens the hair and at the same time does not harm them. Unique brush technology removes negative ions from the hair from which the hair electrifies and cracks. Ionizing brush serves as:

ceramic hair straightener
brush for combing hair
anion massage brush for scalp

 With the brush you get to the roots of the hair and thoroughly iron your hair, which is difficult with a classic hair iron. You don't have to worry about scorching your scalp - the bristle tip ends reach only 50 ° C, but ceramic bodies up to 230 ° C!
Based on the quality of your hair, you can choose the exact temperature your hair needs:
210 - 230 ° C for thick hard hair
190 - 210 ° C for normal hair
170 - 200 ° C for fine hair

 The brush heats up very quickly to the desired temperature and can be controlled at 5 ° C at any time. The LCD will always show you what temperature the brush is heated to.
The ZVK-207 allows continuous adjustment of the temperature from 80 to 230 ° C and, thanks to the special tips, minimizes hair damage. It is suitable for all hair types.

Power input: 60 W
Power supply: 230 V 50 Hz
Dimensions: 7 x 27.5 x 4.5 cm
Weight: 0,32 kg

Dimensions (cm)
7 x 27,5 x 4,5
60 W
Weight (kg)
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