Hand steamer

Hand steamer

Code: Steameasy -1

• horizontal and vertical steaming 
• safe to use for all kinds of textiles
• removes odors, viruses, bacteria and mites
• 270 ml water bottle

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Elegant Steameasy-1 hand-held clothes steamer with an ergonomic and very compact design, thanks to which you can have clothes on the way without creasing. You will easily achieve a smooth and representative appearance and, in addition, it will remove odors, viruses,bacteria and mites. Constant steam output, horizontal and vertical steaming will ensure easy removal of bends.

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Effectively removed folds

Orava Steameasy-1 has a steam panel made of stainless steel with nozzles for steam that flows from the device continuously. It is the constant steam output during operation that ensures the effective removal of creases and wrinkles.

For all types of clothing

You can safely use Orava Steameasy-1 on all types of textiles - from nylon to cloth. With its help, you will iron and clean your favorite blouse hung on a hanger, freshly repaired curtains on the garnish and a bed sheet stretched on the bed.
rozne odevy
nadržka na vodu

Easy refilling

The steam in the Orava Steameasy-1 clothes steamer is created from water, which you simply fill directly into the 270 ml tank at the bottom of the appliance directly from the water tap.

Horizontal and vertical steaming

The Orava Steameasy-1 hand-held steamer and clothes cleaner will allow you to iron and effectively clean your favorite pieces of clothing, classically placed on a table, couch or ironing board, but also hung on a hanger. Thanks to the possibility of horizontal ironing and cleaning, you can easily iron and clean the curtains and drapes hanging on the garnish.
vertikalne a horizontalne

Brush handle for cleaning

You can slide the brush handle, which is part of the package, onto the Orava Steameasy-1 steam panel. The manual clothes steamer is once again transformed into a handy hand cleaner, which effectively eliminates odors, mites, bacteria and viruses on clothing and home textiles with the force of heated steam. The fabrics will not only be perfectly smoothed, but also clean.
Dimensions (cm)
1300 W
Weight (kg)
Water container capacity
270 ml
Power supply
230 V/50 Hz
Operating temperature
55 °C
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