Heated blanket

Heated blanket

Code: EB-150 A

 warming up the whole body

 low power consumption

 detachable controller unit

 3 heating levels

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Relaxation and chill

The electric underlay heating blanket Orava EB-150 A is made of soft, synthetic wool, which can be comfortably embellished after returning from the frosty exterior. It generates heat that stimulates blood circulation and takes care of warm moments of relaxation after a stressful day. It warms your whole body when you want to relax while watching TV, reading a book or sleeping. The temperature in the blanket is regulated by a special safety circuit, including protection against overheating, so you can sleep on the blanket for a longer period of time without fear of thermal discomfort. You can choose up to 3 heating levels - from 25 to 45° C. All you have to do is choose one of the heating modes, lie down on a 150 x 80 cm blanket and cover yourself with a suitable blanket or duvet to eliminate heat loss and not heat the whole room instead of heating your body. Thanks to its low power consumption (60 W), the heating base blanket has low electricity consumption, so you don't have to worry that moments of relaxation in the heat would cost you too much. Even if you sweat a lot on the blanket, you don't have to worry that relaxing on the blanket won't smell you over time - even after frequent use, it can be clean and fragrant. After disconnecting the control, you can safely wash it in the washing machine.

Orava EB-150 A in white is an underlying blanket that you can lie on for heating from below. It is not intended for covering or wrapping - the heating blanket with temperature control Orava EB-160 A in gray color with larger dimensions is used for this.

Read our advice and recommendations in the product manual before use.

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