Digital electric contact grill, 2000 W

Digital electric contact grill, 2000 W

Code: Grillchef-3

• combination of 2 grilling surfaces - smooth and ribbed surface

• variable temperature setting 80 to 230 °C

• grill plates with non-stick coating

• open and contact grill function

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Electric grill

The GRILLCHEF-3 home grill will meet even the most demanding expectations of perfectly prepared meat, fish and vegetables. Create a delicious lunch or dinner on two barbecue plates with a non-stick ribbed and smooth surface. You can use the grill to heat only the top plate, only the bottom plate or to heat both plates at the same time. The grill temperature is adjustable from 80 to 230 °C. Also you can set the time you need to prepare the food. When the set time has elapsed, you will be notified by an audible signal. The large LCD display is built into the front bar contact grill. A part of the grill is also a bowl and dripping juice and oil.
GRILLCHEF-3 with removable grill plates is easy to wash and store.

LCD displej Grillchef 3

LCD displey

Grillchef 3 has an LCD display, which facilitates the handling of the grill. The display is large enough and shows information about the temperature and grilling time.

Combination of contact and open grill

This grill offers the possibility of grilling on one grill plate, when the front part of the grill is filled and it is then closed. Another option is to grill on an open grill, using both grill plates. With such grilling, the temperature of both grill plates can be regulated separately. Thanks to this option, you can prepare grilled food for the whole family or a visit quickly, tasty and easily.
Dve grilovacie platne Grillchef 3
Nerezový materiál Grillchef 3

Stainless steel material

The stainless steel grill material fits perfectly into any kitchen, whether it is in a modern, retro or rustic style. The luxurious design made of stainless steel is a guarantee of the quality of this grill.
Dimensions (cm)
2000W (1000W+1000W)
Weight (kg)
Temperature regulation
80 - 230°C
Digital control
Thermally insulated handle
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