• RGO-600

    Combined refrigerator with freezer

    - total gross volume 588 l
    - no icing thanks to the NO FROST function
    - luxury design


Combined refrigerator NO FROST

Code: RGO-600

capacity 588 L

luxury for your food 

LED lighting

21 399 Kč s DPH


Combined refrigerator NO FROST
Annual energy consumption326 kWh
Energy classE
Dimensions (cm)84x75,5x186 cm
Weight (kg)114
Typ chladničky Combined
Total gross volume (l)588
Total net volume of the freezer (l)181
Celkový čistý objem chladničky (l)407
Noise max.41
Freezing capacity (kg/hour)4
Number of drawers in the freezer3
Automatic defrostingYes
No FrostYes
Less FrostNot
Chill zoneYes
Changing door openingYes
Bottle holderYes

Luxury for your food

The two-door combined refrigerator with freezer Orava RGO-600 completely adapts to the operation of your home and thanks to the timeless stainless steel design, it also looks great!

The total net volume is an incredible 588 liters. The interior of the RGO-600 refrigerator is very efficiently divided - the cooling part with a volume of 407 liters is divided by 3 shelves made of tempered glass, a practical drawer suitable for meat or fish and complemented by other compartments on the side of the door, which have a metal decor to highlight the design. In the lower part there are 2 large drawers for fruits and vegetables - Humidity Controlled Crisper with humidity regulation. The ideal humidity is created by the special design of the air ducts and helps keep food fresh longer than usual.

The freezing section with a volume of 181 liters is divided by 3 transparent drawers for a good overview of their contents. It can freeze 4 kg of food in 24 hours.

The refrigerator has No Frost technology, which is a frost-free system that eliminates the possibility of moisture forming inside the appliance, which prevents ice from forming inside, and the result is that you no longer have to defrost it manually. Of course, there is energy-saving LED lighting and the ability to install the refrigerator door to the left or right, whichever suits the space solution of your kitchen. The package also includes 2 ice cube molds and 2 egg holders.

Noise level - only 41 dB

Low noise, but high reliability of freezing and cooling are what we expect from a new appliance. The Orava RGO-600 NO FROST refrigerator will satisfy both of your ideas.
Hlučnosť iba 41 dB - RGO-600

Capacity 588 l

This information will tell you how much food will fit into the refrigerator. The larger the capacity, the more food and meals you will store for later. You should pay close attention to this when choosing a refrigerator if you are part of a multi-family family where truly large stocks are made, or if you are buying food rarely, but suddenly, in large quantities.

Removable shelves

Thanks to the removable shelves are handling food in the refrigerator is very simple. Shelves can be pulled out to them cooked food and raw materials inserted as deep as you need. In the refrigerator you will create a clear system and enough space for supplies. You will also appreciate the ability to remove the shelves even after thoroughly and precisely washing the refrigerator from time to time, so that it shines cleanly and is a hygienic place to store food.
Removable shelves
Combined refrigerator

Combined refrigerator

It is a 2 appliance in a single device 1. In your refrigerator and freezer, which is very convenient for storing food in smaller kitchens, cottage or the cottage. Not to mention that you don't have to buy a second appliance. Both the refrigerator and the freezer have separate doors, which is very practical - since you do not unnecessarily open the entire space, the temperature in the appliance does not decrease more than necessary.

No frost

You do not need to defrost this refrigerator! With the No Frost function, ice and crystals do not build up from the ice crystals in the interior of the refrigerator and food, which you would have to scrape off laboriously. A built-in fan distributes dry air evenly throughout the refrigerator compartment - and this is the key to success.
funckia NO FROST

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Combined refrigerator NO FROST

Combined refrigerator NO FROST

capacity 588 L

luxury for your food 

LED lighting