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    Kitchen mixer

    -500 W
    -glass container suitable for mixing hot food
    -demountable parts can be washed in the dishwasher

    RM-205 W

Table blender, 500W

Code: RM-205 W

49,90 € s DPH

Table blender, 500W
Dimensions (cm)9,5x39,5x16
Weight (kg)2.97
Input (W)500
Number of speeds2
Pulse speed switchYes
Chopping bowl capacity1.5 l
Ice crashingYes
Anti-slip feetYes
Noise80 dB

Powerful table mixer

a real helper in every kitchen

Quality  kitchen blender ORAVA RM-205 W can mix any kind of food and always achieve excellent results. In addition to mixing, crushing and chopping, the blender can easily produce fruit foods for small children, cocktails, desserts, ice creams, sorbets or spreads.

The 1.5l container volume is also sufficient to mix bulky foods that do not need to be cut, as they fit comfortably into the container and the mixer, thanks to its power, conveniently mixes the food finely. The high-quality glass container is durable enough to mix hot and cold food. The material from which the container is made does not capture the smell or taste of food, so you can also prepare homemade soups or sauces in the blender. The package includes a lid for easier handling of the mixer and anti-slip feet for absolute stability.

ORAVA RM-205 W can prepare fruit and vegetable cocktails in seconds. Thanks to its high performance and sharp 4-blade stainless steel knife, the blender literally divides the food into small pieces, thus preserving the cellular structure of the mixed fruit and vegetables, which will provide the human body with more vitamins and their faster absorption. In contrast to juicer you will get a creamy, smooth and frothy juice full of valuable fiber when processing fruit and vegetables in a blender.

Mixer ORAVA RM-205 W with 500 W motor can handle all the ingredients, from fruits and vegetables to ice. With two adjustable speeds, you can mix, crush and chop the ingredients to any desired consistency. You also have the Pulse function, with which the blender delivers instant maximum performance. Cleaning is very easy, all removable parts can be washed in the dishwasher.

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Table blender, 500W

Table blender, 500W