• RR-65

    Radio, gramophone, CD/USB player and tape player all in one

    -elegant wooden finish
    -Manual tuning of FM/AM radio stations
    -Practical backlit display


Retro radio

Code: RR-65

built-in CD / MP3 Cassettev

analog AM / FM tuner with pointer indicator

AUX connector

remote control

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Headphone outputYes
Output sound power2x 2.5W (RMS)
Dimensions (cm)50 x 21 x 55
Weight (kg)1.5
CD mechanicYes
AM radioYes
FM radioYes
USB portYes
AUX inputYes
Remote controlYes
Support for audio formatsCD/MP3
Telescopic antennaYes
Typ médiaCD/ MP3
Input (W)22
Speed (rpm)33-1/3/45/78

Stylish retro radio

Retro radio with turntable Orava RR-65 can impress you with its sound. It works reliably as a radio with manual tuning of favorite radio stations and also as turntable, CD player, cassette player, while easily coping with playing favorite sounds from external audio source (phone , songs, tablets, USB, etc). Songs from CDs, cassettes, turntables or external sources can be uploaded to an inserted USB to MP3 format, elegant wooden design, manual tuning of FM / AM radio stations, handy backlit display, intuitive buttons to control all the functions of retro stereo radio, first-class speakers for high-quality music reproduction, these are all the characteristics of a retro-style radio, that can handle even the most modern music .
retro design

Retro design

The radio is made in retro design - the way it used to be. When wood and metal were a favorite material, when things were fairly beautiful and delighted the eye with their precise workmanship. Whether in the fifties, sixties or seventies, there was much in the 20th century that modern design returns to, inspiring and bringing to our homes in the form of breathtaking design pieces that we long to keep for generations.

AM/FM radio

The device has a built-in AM/FM radio with automatic radio station search (AM - very short wave radio, FM - long, medium and short wave radio).


The device has a USB input, which allows you to insert a USB key and play songs from it. It can also be used to charge other devices that have a USB input.

RMS performance

It is the highest possible device power (in watts) that can be in the speaker without damaging it.


Maybe you also have a lot of favorite music pieces on your records. Whether you are an audiophile or a rich collection of records shared by parents and grandparents, you will be pleased to hear them in the original on a quality gramophone. Indeed, the sound of the recording from the record is unique, along with the noise and the sound of the needle moving on the rotating record, it can evoke memories from times past.

Wooden design

Retro radio is set in a wooden baffle. It also makes it look attractive when we feel like touching it and wiping even the smallest amount of dust. The big advantage of the wooden baffle, however, is mainly that the sound resonates perfectly, so it is not only a decoration of the interior, but also has its practical function - the sound produced in it is soft resonant and deliciously sounding.

CD-ROM drive

The unit also has a CD player. And this is a gratifying message to anyone who does not want to give up their collection simply because everything is already on the web. The clear and uncompressed sound of the CD has still many of its loyal fans.

Remote control

With the remote control included with our product, you no longer need to get up from the couch to switch, tune in the program and station, or set the ideal parameters like volume and so on. The remote control is convenient to hold, easy to operate, and the buttons are neatly positioned and easy to press.

Quality reproduction

When reproducing sound, it is extremely important as it is of good quality. Without noise, rasp, and disturbing tones, the device should faithfully reproduce real sound to please the ears. This high-quality sound will also come from this retro radio.

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Retro radio

Retro radio

built-in CD / MP3 Cassettev

analog AM / FM tuner with pointer indicator

AUX connector

remote control