We work for you even in the time of corona!

The threat of coronavirus slowed our lives and restricted our freedom of movement. It is safest to stay at home in these troubled times and to only follow the obligations (purchases, post office, offices, etc.) when necessary.

We know, however, that many things from your daily life did not stop - cooking does not wait, spring cleaning knocks on the door, you have to wash and iron. Audio and video technology and entertainment associated with it helps to forget the worries of these days and “ventilate” your head.


Naši zamestnanci pracujú na 100 %, aby vám doma nič nechýbalo ani v týchto pohnutých časoch a váš život bol aj naďalej komfortný. Chceme Vás uistiť, že všetky Vaše online objednávky sa bezpečne, v krátkom čase a s maximálnym zreteľom na dodržiavanie hygienických zásad dostanú do Vašich rúk.

  1. You can come pick them up personally at our delivery point (Orava, Závodná 459, 027 43 Nižná) from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. Personal collection is free. 
  2. You stay at home and we will bring your online order in front of your door. Orava courier services and delivery cars will deliver your new home help reliably without the risk of contact with more (potentially ill) people. To maintain your safety and health, please wear a cloth / protected mouth and nose with a scarf while receiving the parcel from the courier. If your order exceeds € 66.39, we will deliver the goods for free throughout our country at our expense. If the value of the ordered goods is less than € 66.39, the courier service price is € 4.90.