afterCHristmas MEGA Sale

Christmas is over, but the desire to shop remained? Even though we stay at home and we don't seem to be snooping in front of shop windows in shopping malls so soon, you are still curious at home in front of the monitor, what interesting dealers have prepared for you? Which electrical helpers will make your life easier, entertain you, motivate you to fulfill your New Year's commitments - and what's great: can you get them for extra good prices?

In Orava, we have prepared a Christmas MEGA sale for you, which you can enjoy to the fullest, without stress and hard work, there is no hurry - our sale will last until January 31, 2021. Because we know that you also love shopping ...


In the rhythm of your favorite songs

There is never enough music and there is always someone in your home who will appreciate a quality bluetooth speakerbluetooth headphones or mp3/mp4 player? If you love music, it's a clear choice, if you have a teenager at home, the choice is twice as clear. Either please him now or you will have a present for him for his next birthday.

Instead of a bell frog

The weather is unpredictable outside, the view from the window is not enough. That is why we have prepared two models of the weather station for you at advantageous prices.


From the comfort of the couch

What can we do while staying at home? Watch, watch and watch again. Not only from the window, but also on the TV. And so that you have more movies, series and TV channels, we now also offer you an HD digital terrestrial receiver or DVD player for a good price.

When you need to beat the cold

When draft is soaring your back? Would it be nice to turn heating on? Take a chance now and buy hot air fans or a classic oil radiator at bargain prices!

For home DIY

You wanted it as Christmas present, but did Father Cristmas forget it? So now choose a cordless screwdriver for a good price! When tightening the screws, nothing will stop you ...

Renew your kitchen equipment

Pans often get the word out when preparing food, so you can almost see signs of wear on them. Now is the perfect time to secure a new earthenware and Teflon pan, because who knows how long we will not get to restaurants.

Warm anti-virus tea and fragrant coffee for taste and performance

In order to be able to prepare your favorite hot drinks at home so that their taste and aroma stand out to the maximum, you will appreciate the electric kettle with temperature control - now for a great price.


Start fighting in the name of a slim line

Whether the slimmer curves were your New Year's rsolution or a necessity after spending time on the couch without moving in the fresh air, take the first step - dare to dare! For example, even on our circular digital scale - it can be yours at a discount!

With a book in bed

Does she love reading in bed? Light up with an LED lamp that will be considerate of your eyes and looks great on the bedside table.

Get ready to go!

Keep hoping, be optimistic and believe that the lockdown will end soon - and you will set off again! What would you pack in a suitcase? For example, a travel hair dryer at a good price?