Enjoy the gift of nature!

You can make most of all your home grown vegetables and fruit and also  all natural gifts from forest. Some of it you can enjoy immediatelly-fresh vegetable for breakfast,homemade mushroom soup or tea from fresh herbs. You can also juice fruit and vegetables – it has many health benefits. Also you can dry them and use them later.

Dried or juiced gifts of nature during autumn and winter will diversify your diet and supply your body with vitamins in the fight against disease. When processing the crop, you will appreciate the handy home helpers - a juicer, fruit press and food dryer. What should you pay attention to when choosing these appliances so that you get a really good helper for your kitchen?

Quality high-speed juicer - what it should have:

✅  high motor power - at least 1,000 W to easily handle longer juices without overheating the motor
✅  at least 2 juicing speeds, which you can switch according to the consistency and hardness of each raw material
✅  easy to use and clean - if it is difficult to work with and the cleaning becomes an adrenaline rush of nerves, it will end up thrown in the pantry and you will definitely not use it
 reverse engine operation - allows you to juice even more gifts of nature without having to clean the juicer between batches
✅  high-quality construction from durable materials to withstand shocks and labor for years
✅  reliable warranty for the product and, if necessary, serious post-warranty service from anywhere in Slovakia
 low noise


Our tip: Orava OS-111 

If you have been discouraged so far by the annoying and time-consuming slicing of vegetables and fruits before the actual juicing, reach for a whole piece of fruit and vegetables after the juicer with an extra-large filling hole. Such is the high-speed juicer Orava OS-111 with a 1,000 W motor and a range from 6,500 to 12,000 rpm in a luxurious design made of materials resistant to wear and corrosion. Thanks to the high performance and ingenious construction, you will get juice of the highest quality, perfectly separated from the remnants of fruit and vegetables, which you will then use to prepare pastries, soups or dried teas. The electronic speed control with LCD display allows you to set up to 5 juicing speeds, the juicer is quickly and easily folded, operated and cleaned.

Low-speed fruit and vegetable press - its advantages:

✅ it contains up to 10 times more biologically active substances than classically juiced juices
✅ it is a revolutionary way of juicing, where fruits and vegetables are pressed in a press similarly to a meat grinder, so it "squeezes" the maximum amount of juice from it
✅ during pressing there is no heating and oxidation due to high speeds, so that vitamin C is kept to the maximum in healthy juice


Our tip: Orava Taurus 

The low-speed Orava Taurus juicer precisely juices vitamin bombs and obtains the maximum nutritional values, vitamins and taste from them. It has a power input of only 200 W, so when you "squeeze" the juice from the gifts of nature, it does not "squeeze" your family budget. It has a large feed spout for whole pieces of fruit and vegetables, thanks to which you can avoid laborious and time-consuming slicing into small pieces when processing the crop. The juice and pulp are collected in separate containers during pressing. It has a maximum speed of 68 rpm, it has a quiet motor with a noise level of only 80 dB and reverse engine operation, which prevents clogging even when juicing the maximum portion of vitamins without the need for cleaning between doses. 

You can find quality home appliances that will make crop processing easier and help you live healthier and more comfortable on the website www.orava.eu