Have beautifully skin even under a face mask!

In times of face mask, consistent skin care is more important than ever - which helpers can you rely on?

Wearing a face mask is slowly but surely becoming normal for us. We are used to it - as soon as we walk out the door of our home, we put it on our faces to protect ourselves and others from the spread of coronavirus. Colorful, imaginative, with folk motifs, funny and classic medical masks have become an essential part of our everyday outfits and a symbol of this time.

But have you gotten used to them on our skin?

Maybe you are one of those women who reluctantly watch their image in the mirror every night and start to panic about what is happening to their skin. Acne, blackheads, circles under the eyes,tired dull skin - this can also be the result of long-term wear of face mask. When we have more than half of our face covered with a protective face mask, our skin cannot breathe enough. It suffocates under the mask, small impurities, fumes from the exhaled air settle on its surface, and on sweatier days or when walking faster, sweat settles. And since we can't all stay at home anymore, because shops, restaurants, offices, open space have opened - and so we have to go to work, in an effort to look chic and in addition to face mask, another layer is added to our face - make-up.

More important than ever before - morning and evening cleansing

That's why precise skin care is more important than ever. The alpha and omega for achieving perfect skin without flaws of beauty is a thorough morning and evening cleansing. Skin cleansing, gentle facial massage, application of nourishing creams and brightening essences are the right way to achieve a healthy and youthful appearance of the skin without wrinkles and sagging. You should not forget this, even if you are in hurry in the morning or fall into bed in the evening from being so tired. The whole procedure may not take you much time if you invite handy helpers for radiant and blooming skin like a rose. Here we bring you a tip for two products that should not be missing in your bathroom or at the cosmetic table.

Step 1: Thorough and careful cleaning

The first darling of the skin is the sonic cleansing brush for the face Orava FB-04, which removes dirt and dead skin from your skin on the face, neck and décolleté. It not only stays on the surface, but also cleans clogged pores so that your skin can breathe freely. It perfectly cleans the skin from make-up and is perfect for women with sensitive skin, as it cleanses the skin with a soft and gentle silicone attachment. It is easy to operate and signals the change of the vibration mode during cleaning with a sound. In the FB-04 package, you have four extensions available for various uses - for deep cleansing, skin activation, peeling and micromassage.

Čistiaca kefka na tvár Orava FB-04.

Step 2: Iontophoresis and gentle vibrating massage

The second darling of the skin is the Orava MP-700 facial massage device - a great helper of mini dimensions, but extremely targeted for maximum results. Thanks to iontophoresis and vibrating massage, it smoothes wrinkles and helps to apply nutrients from creams and essences to the basal layer of the skin, thus doubling their beneficial effect. It perfuses the skin, supports the proper functioning of the blood circulation, and brightens the skin. The ingenious design of its T-shaped massage head has been developed to make it easier to use and maximize the enchanting result. 

Masážny prístroj na tvár Orava MP-700

Nothing complicated, is it? We can do it together!