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Zvládnime jarné upratovanie spolu - tím Orava

Spring is approaching, the first rays of the sun are peeping through the windows into our homes and uncompromisingly revealing every dirt, clutter of dust and piles of things we have stored at home during the winter. It's time for a great spring cleaning! You don't have to worry about it if you follow a few simple rules and get clever help with appliances from Orava to help you clean up.

From top to bottom, from less used to the busiest room in the apartment!

And do you think working home to the last corner and shelves is a superhuman task? This does not have to be the case if you do it systematically and divide a large “project” into smaller sub-tasks. You can plan a spring-cleaning weekend or a few days off when you can't leave the house anyway. Voluntary quarantine wishes spring cleaning. Here are some recommendations on how to get your cleaning done faster.

1. Engage all household members in cleaning - even young children can do simple tasks and, with the right motivation, feel good about contributing to your home.

2. Proceed in rooms which are less busy, to those where you spend the most time and are most busy by your daily activities. Start with the bedroom and finish with the kitchen, bathroom and toilet.

3. When cleaning the rooms, proceed from the interior to the outside - first arrange the cabinets and shelves, then close them to prevent dust and dirt from re-entering them and throw yourself into cleaning the “exposed” parts of the room.

4. In the room, proceed from top to bottom - first sweep the dust on the chandelier, in the corners, take off the curtains and blinds, wash the windows, clean the shelves from the top to the bottom, end with carpet and floor cleaning.

5. During cleaning, get rid of all the unnecessary things that take up your space! Without unnecessary things, it will make your home easier to live in.

6. You will easily handle challenging work if you're well-tuned. In the rhythm of your favorite music you can manage spring cleaning playfully and with a song on your lips.

Helpers from Orava, you wouldn’t do work without them

To make spring cleaning easier for you, here are some tips for our hot new products that will make spring cleaning fun. Forget the scrubbing and polishing of window panels with newspaper and try our Orava Lautus multifunctional window cleaner with wet and dry suction, a handy combination of perfectly fitting squeegee and hood. First, wash the windows with water with a little detergent and then just "run" through the cleaner from the top down. The dirty water is sucked hygienically into a 120 ml tank without your hands coming into contact with contaminated water. The windows are polished so that there is no dirt left. Ergonomically fits in the hand, thanks to the 360-degree swivel head and low weight, it is easy to operate, equipped with a telescopic rod to fight dirt at heights and works for up to 30 minutes on a single charge. You will also appreciate it when cleaning mirrors, tiles, glass tables or a shower. You can also easily dry your curtains, sofa or bed dry.

Lautus - pre čistotu vašich okien

On the floor "from the floor"!

The most used areas in the home are floors. If you have carpets, it is not enough to vacuum them, but once - twice a year you should also wash them, shampoo them or chemically treat them. Cleaning the floor (regardless of the material from which it is made of) is easier. Simply vacuum and wash with a little detergent. When vacuuming, you'll appreciate our new 2-in-1 Orava Neptun cordless stick vacuum cleaner. It combines the benefits of two products - a classic large vacuum cleaner for seasonal home maintenance, and a brisk hand vacuum cleaner for fast dirt hoovering as soon as your apartment anyone visits, the kids will finish up their breakfast and the hair of your pet stabbed in the cushion on the couch. In your home, it will help to get rid of dust lumps in the corners, as well as dust particles on your computer keyboard, desk or furniture. It is equipped with a cyclone vacuum system, a floor brush with a rotating brush and a high-performance HEPA filter that captures up to 99.97% of 300 nanometer particles, which will be appreciated by allergy sufferers. Works for 20 to 50 minutes on a single charge. Thanks to the LED light on the vacuum cleaner nozzle "shine" on crumbs even in the darkest recesses. It is also excellent for vacuuming the car interior.

Neptun -pre vaše podlahy

When washing the floor, you will appreciate the rotating mop with bucket on wheels Orava Lineo SMR-25. The flooring in your home will shine like a mirror without the pain of bending over to the floor with a wet cloth in your hand. The stainless steel 360 ° rotating centrifugal bucket and built-in rinsing system inside the bucket keep your hands away from dirty water. The Orava SMR-25 is fitted with a plastic bucket on wheels with a drain valve, a detergent dispenser and a drawer for detergents and wipes. An easy-to-use mop with steel telescopic pole and microfiber head absorbs all dirt intensively, so your floors will shine without the feeling you were all day working in the garden.