We recycle - do you know what waste belongs where?

A useful habit that turns the old into the new

Waste is sorted small and large. Children are already learning about waste separation in schools, seniors have learned from grandchildren, children and educational leaflets, which are distributed by municipalities and eco-associations in towns and villages throughout Slovakia. With their small but very important work, everyone can contribute to the big things that eliminate the negative effects on the planet and help recycle the sources of raw materials that we still have at our disposal. The best example is a personal example - when a parent separates, the child also learns from an early age that behaving responsibly about the raw materials used is naturally correct and very useful at first glance. Did you know, for example, that a 5 jars can be made into a flower vase again? 10 magazines can be turned into a TV box in the recycling process. Egg wrappers, paper towels, toilet paper, etc. can also be made from waste paper. A fleece jacket can be made from 30 PET bottles. The 670 aluminum cans can become a metal bicycle frame. It's worth the effort, isn't it?

We recycle - Orava

There is a space for improvement

According to statistics on the ecohero.sk website, ordinary Slovaks produce an average of almost 350 kg of waste per year, of which up to 96% is actually recyclable. So far, however, we recycle 23%. Because many things that end up in mixed waste would still be recyclable if they were washed and placed in the right waste bins. At the same time, in cities and towns, collection vessels are standing side by side in different colors, as obedient rainbow warriors, ready to serve for the sake of order, cleanliness and the highest possible rate of recycling, collection containers for all citizens. So let's do it, let's repeat what belongs where!

BLUE waste container = PAPER

You can throw old newspapers, magazines, office paper, boxes (if not combined with cellophane, aluminum, etc.), cartons, paper packaging, paperboard into this container. Do not throw wet and dirty paper, book covers, tar and asphalt. Used handkerchiefs and kitchen towels, toilet paper rolls, egg cartons or waxed paper also do not belong here.

We recycle - BLUE / Orava.eu


Triedime odpad s Oravou - zelená

GREEN waste container = GLASS

You can throw old newspapers, magazines, office paper, boxes (if not combined with cellophane, aluminum, etc.), cartons, paper packaging, paperboard into this container. Do not throw wet and dirty paper, book covers, tar and asphalt. Used handkerchiefs and kitchen towels, toilet paper rolls, egg cartons or waxed paper also do not belong here.



YELLOW waste container = PLASTICS

You can throw PET bottles, yoghurt jars, plastic bags and sachets, plastic and microtene bags, foils, polystyrene, cosmetic packaging, packaging into the yellow waste bin from detergents and hygiene products, etc. Caution, however, the plastics must be washed, free of food residues! Do not throw away contaminated plastics, PET bottles from food oils, dangerous chemicals, motor oils, paints, nor does it include linoleum, rubber, foam, plexiglass, plastic building materials or floor coverings. 

Triedime odpad s Oravou - žltá

From January 1, 2022, all plastic bottles and metal cans with beverages with a volume of 0.1 to 3 liters are deposited in the amount of 15 cents at the time of purchase. The amount is refunded in full when you hand over these bottles, including lids and cans, in an undisturbed state to a cash dispenser / vending machine at a store in your area. So do not shrink these pieces after consuming the drinks and do not throw them in the trash can, it pays to return them to the store. All backed-up containers are marked with the letter Z in the recycling arrows and the words Backed up near the EAN code. Containers that are not marked in this way are not backed up - you can continue to crouch them and throw them in the segregated waste. However, the situation where there will be backed up and non-backed up plastic packaging on store shelves next to each other will last for a maximum of 30 June 2022, after which all bottles should only be backed up.

Triedime odpad s Oravou - červená

RED waste container = METALS

Metals include iron and aluminum, from which cans, cans and foil are made. You can throw metal containers, cans, beverage cans, metal products and parts, foil wrappers, yoghurt caps, nails, paper clips, keys ... into this rubbish bin. your municipality / city has not set aside special red containers for this type of waste. However, be sure not to throw metal containers contaminated with chemicals, such as paint cans, etc., into these containers.




In addition to red waste bins, you will also find orange garbage cans in some towns and villages. These are used to collect uncontaminated beverage cartons from juices, dairy drinks, other dairy products, coffee etc. If you do not have these containers in the village, you can also pour this content into yellow plastic containers. However, they definitely have to be washed, if there are leftover residues of food and drinks, they should end up in municipal waste. However, washing them is definitely worth your effort, what do you say?

Triedime odpad s Oravou - oranžová


Triedime odpad s Oravou - hnedá

BROWN waste container = BIOWASTE

The container, whose color resembles the ground, and thus the possibility of composting, includes biodegradable waste - peel from fruit and vegetable cleaning, coffee and tea residues, leaves, grass, garden waste. However, be sure not to throw away leftovers here, especially meat, hair, faeces, dead animals, egg shells or ashes.



BLACK waste container- mixed waste

Everything else we didn't mention about colored waste containers belongs to black bins for mixed municipal waste. Remember that many pieces, if not washed, should end up in municipal waste, but if you put in a little effort and wash them from food scraps, they can go to containers for further recycling and reuse without remorse.

Triedime odpad s Oravou - čierna


Triedime odpad s Oravou - elektroodpad

!!! Special category - electrical waste, construction waste and old junk !!!!

These pieces do not belong to ordinary separated waste. When replacing an old appliance with a new one, remodeling or refurbishing, or throwing away unnecessary pieces of furniture that have had their best times long ago as part of a major spring cleaning, remember that you are obliged to place them elsewhere than in / to the containers on separated waste. Either take them to the nearest collection yard or find out at the relevant office when the city / municipality will be shipping large-scale containers in your area, which are used for just such purposes. The local government usually does so in the spring and autumn, when it assumes that people will throw themselves into a big seasonal cleaning.



3 principles in conclusion

1) What can be washed, wash and place in a suitable waste container for recycling!

2) Try to minimize the area and volume of waste before throwing it into the container. Approach the juice container to reduce its volume, disassemble the boxes and place them from 3D to 2D.

3) Think of your neighbors as well - if you throw rubbish in a dwelling house, will your neighbors have a place to put rubbish until the next pickup? It is such misunderstandings that are often the cornerstone of neighbors. All they have to do is kick down and the wind blows in March / April, when it's still windy - and you can invite your neighbors, who are already "started", to a joint spring cleaning brigade. However, it will probably not be a happy meeting.


If you are interested in the topic and would like to be even more consistent in minimizing your carbon footprint, search the Internet for as much information as possible about Zero Waste.