Valentine is full of love. What will you buy to your loved one?

Valentine is coming soon. Do you know how to surprise your love?

We have a gift tips that are guaranteed to please your Valentine

February 14, Valentine's Day is coming. Although this holiday did not have many fans in Slovakia decade ago, in recent years Slovak people started to celebrate it more and more. The truth remains that we can confess the love of a loved one at any time of the year, but even the more shy ones may have more courage on Valentine's Day. Valentine also wishes for a timid and secret love - so maybe after this year's Valentine the crowds of singles and assigned groups will regroup and there will be more couples in love in the world. We cheer on all new couples and keep our fingers crossed! In long-term relationships, Valentine's Day is a welcome impulse to set out from a daily routine on a romantic date and enjoy expressions of love as at the beginning of a relationship.

Every couple spends Valentine's Day in their own different way

Valentine's Day celebration does not have a standardized form - how a couple celebrates it depends on the particular couple. Some prefer a gala dinner in a classy restaurant, others prefer to cook for themselves, or order their favorite food by delivery service, so that they do not have to take their heels out of the house and enjoy the holiday of lovers just in negligee. The expectations of men and women differ in what Valentine is supposed to bring them. While women dream of a magnificent bouquet as proof of true love and remember well what gift they received from their pet, men are not that demanding. They don't think about flashy gifts, but if their wife gives them practical gifts, they will be happy. We bring you a few tips on Valentine's gifts for him and her, if you want to give your love something other than chocolate and a few hot kisses this Valentine's Day. In the Orava Valentine´s day event, chic electric helpers for women and men can now be yours with a 15% discount. The event lasts until 14.02.2022.




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For your female Valentine

Women care about theit appearance and they like to butify themself. Therefore, they will not say no to any helper for amazing-looking skin or hair. Orava Tenera is an expert in hair styling - she will irones her hair, but when grasped correctly, at the right angle, she can conjure sexy waves from hair strands, so she is actually a 2-in-1 helper. New generation ceramic plates have a smooth, slippery surface, which makes it easier treatment and prevents hair damage even with frequent useOrava Venere is a silicone skin cleanser designed for everyday skin cleansing. It precisely but gently removes make-up, small impurities, dead epithelial cells and thoroughly cleans clogged pores. All you have to do is choose one of the two rotation speeds and, thanks to a consistent but gentle circular movement, it will give your skin the benefits of deep cleansing, peeling and micromassage. A hot novelty and a Valentine's hit for a woman is a facial sauna with a cosmetic mirror and an Orava FI-300 LED light. It creates a gentle steam at a temperature of 40 C, which deeply massages and hydrates the skin, opens the pores so that the skin can be cleansed more effectively and more easily absorb nutrients and beneficial essences from nourishing creams, masks and treatments. The cosmetic mirror with LED light on the hinged sauna cover is a handy helper in everyday make-up. In addition to the benefits for the skin, steam inhalation has a number of other health benefits - it relieves the feeling of stress and fatigue after a busy day, relieves tension in mimic muscles and relaxes the nasal and frontal cavities and relieves pain during colds and colds.



For your male Valentine

Men love women. But their hearts also support technology and they can be into many techno toys! Especially if it is related to their great love and companion at every step - with a smartphone. Therefore, they will certainly appreciate the Orava Crater-9, which is a feast for the eyes and ears. It is not only a bluetooth speaker, but also a smartphone charger and a small lamp in white light mode. Thanks to the effective RGB backlighting, the top hit parade also spins a great light show. All you have to do is pair it wirelessly with a smartphone, tablet or computer, and the songs stored in these devices play in excellent quality, with clean tones, without cutting the treble and with precise dynamics, even in rich, dense bass. It motivates at work, helps to reset during free time and on Valentine's Day you can listen to the most beautiful love songs from it. With a capacity of 10,000 mAh and a built-in 2-in-1 wireless charger, the Orava WCH-004 can easily handle smarfon even in the largest wilderness. With a power of 5 W, it allows you to charge up to 3 hi-tech toys at once - one wirelessly and two via USB cables. A single device is enough for a perfect fit of the man - the Orava EasyOne 5 in 1 multifunction cutter. It has up to 5 extensions - a universal cutting attachment (cut from 1 to 10 mm), an extension for shaving the body and face, for removing hair in the nose and ears, for cutting hair. For one charge via the supplied USB cable, it works for up to 60 minutes dry and wet and is waterproof.

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Enjoy Valentine's espresso together!

You will enjoy Valentine's Day from the first moment - as soon as you wake up in the morning. If your love sleeps by your side, surprise her with an early Valentine's espresso or cappuccino, on which you conjure a heart out of the foam for your love. You can prepare coffee as in a real Italian cafe, playfully and in the comfort of your home at the expert on espresso machine Orava ES-300.

Whether you give any of Orava's helpers to your love, don't forget to write her a warm confession on her Valentine's Day (card, card). If you want to surprise, make your valentine yourself, you will find many DIY instructions with and without hearts on the Internet.

You can find more from the given offer of gifts for love for him and her at: ORAVA-Valentine's day.