Gift Ideas - FOR HER

How to please a wife, mom, sister, daughter or friend at Christmas?

Women often pretend to be happy with ANY gift, but we know they are DEMANDING. Like many of their statements, they are often full of contradictions. How can a man be sure that he has hit a right gift? How to surprise under the Christmas tree that the gift is great, useful surprise - and at the same time man is not being wasteful? How to be original, but not funny? How not to buy the same gifts for Christmas? If you have already donated perfumes, jewellery, cosmetics, super outfits and wellness experiences to the woman of your heart in recent years, reach for electric helpers with the latest technologies that will allow women to shine and feel successful in their efforts to look amazing or be caring for their loved ones. Unlike gifts with a fleeting duration, Orava electrical appliances will serve them faithfully for years and make them happy for a long time.

We believe that our wish list of gifts for her will make it easier for you to make decisions and you will find the gift will please and meet the expectations and tastes of women of all ages - from your teenage daughter to your mother.

Idea no. 1: Perfect skin - thanks to ultrasound

Women of all ages crave for perfect skin. That's why all those creams, serums, emulsions and other crucibles are on the shelf in the bathroom, and there are so many of them that you have nowhere to put your razor. At the same time, the alpha and omega for skin-looking and radiant skin is honest daily care. When cleansing, rely on the latest technology in the service of beautiful skin, it's time for ultrasound! The Orava Venera 1 ultrasonic skin cleansing scrubber is a faithful and reliable helper in the evening cleansing rituals of the skin of the face, neck and low-neck acne. In addition, when cleansed with a gentle massage, it stimulates blood circulation so that the skin radiates to beauty, which helps reduce wrinkles and remove circles under the eyes. It is suitable for skin of all types, including sensitive skin. Its gentle services can be used by young girls with problematic skin as well as mature women. When cleansing, the skin vibrates gently, so cleansing is several times more effective and less demanding than conventional manual cleansing. It also fits in a cosmetic bag, so a woman can take it with her on the road all year round - for work or on vacation.

The Orava FB-11 sonic skin cleanser works on a similar principle. Gently but thoroughly removes small impurities and dead cells from the skin, it can easily handle even a thicker layer of make-up and effectively helps loosen clogged pores. In addition to deep cleansing for a youthful appearance, it also provides the luxury of peeling and micromassage and activates the skin to beauty. It is suitable for all skin types and women of all ages, is waterproof and allows you to set the speed of vibrations during cleansing and massage.


Idea no. 2: Hair - the crown of female beauty

Every woman tries to have her hair styled to a perfect hairstyle. Orava Tenera 2 in 1 is a hair straightener and an assistant in creating sexy waves. For hair styling, it is equipped with new generation ceramic plates with a smooth, slippery surface, which facilitates styling and prevents hair damage even with frequent use. Orava Tenera 2 in 1 irons hair into a silky flowing waterfall. However, if you hold it at the right angle in your hand, it will also create an attractive wavy hairstyle thanks to the spiral shape of the ceramic plates. After switching on, it heats up quickly, is ready for use within 15 seconds and warms up to a maximum of 2 seconds in Turbo mode. It respects the individual quality of the hair, therefore it allows you to set the heating temperature of the plates from 150 to 230 0C with the display of the current temperature on the LED display. It sits ergonomically in the hand, is easy to operate and weighs only 300 g.



Idea no. 3: Pedicure and manicure in the comfort of home

Every woman wants to have nicely arranged nails on her hands and feet, but she does not always have time to run to a pedicure salon or a manicure. You can also adjust your legs and nails on your own at home, with a cup of coffee and tea, or while listening to your favorite podcast. Electric manicure and pedicure set 5 in 1 Orava Lyra has up to 5 handles with different surfaces in the highest quality. Depending on the required treatment intensity, it allows you to set a lower or higher degree of speed for sanding, filing and shaping nails. The felt handle is suitable for polishing nails, the sanding wheel made of white corundum is intended for shaping and shortening acrylic and natural nails, the diamond sanding with silicon carbide can remove the cuticle on the sides and top of the nails and the nickel sanding will serve for precise nail filing. It is suitable fto use sandpaper on the dead and hard skin on the feet. It is tastefully packed in a storage case, so it looks like a chic gift, and it can easily fit a woman's holiday luggage.


Tip no. 4: Healthier frying and frying without remorse

Women consider very carefully what they serve on a plate to themselves and their loved ones. Since the preparation of a quick dinner and a weekend menu is often their task, the councils will cook something that their loved ones have a taste for. Their only condition is that it is at least a little healthy. Crispy fries, fried cheese, fried specialties of Asian cuisine - all a lover, but wise women know that baking and frying in litres of hot oil is a paved path to the nearest cardio or dietary clinic. The Orava Airy-2 digital hot air fryer is a gift that will delight both caring women and enthusiastic eaters. During the heat treatment of fresh and frozen ingredients, hot air circulates in it, thanks to which crunchy delicacies will be nicely baked on all sides, but inside they will remain juicy. It heats up quickly, offers 8 present cooking programs or the possibility of individual setting of temperature and cooking time on the touch LED panel. It has up to a 4.2-liter cooking vessel with a non-stick, anti-caking surface and saves up to 60% of time when preparing food. It also bakes homemade bread and muffins perfectly. Do you give it to your beloved wife in a black or white outfit?


Tip no. 5: Only pure joy remains, no overworked wrists

Every woman would like to have a robot at home. The kitchen. Because he works all the work in the kitchen for her, mixes the dough, mixes and whisks the creams into the cakes. And it can do even more. For example, the multifunctional kitchen robot Orava Chef with a wide range of accessories stirs, kneades, mixes, grate, grinds and whisks, and with its help even the most demanding kitchen tasks are expressly done. It is equipped with a 1400 W motor, 6 speeds and Pulse mode. In an up to 7-liter stainless steel bowl, he prepares any dough and creams for cakes without hesitation; in a 1.5-liter glass bowl, he mixes everything into soups, sauces and healthy smoothies. He is willing to grind meat into an honest homemade hamburger and meatballs, and thanks to the handpieces he can also handle the production of homemade sausages and liver. It is equipped with templates for quick shaping of confectionery. The Orava Chefino food processor has more compact dimensions, but the potential, strength, precision and perseverance for working in the kitchen even after three - it mixes, kneads and whisks, and thanks to the high-performance 1400 W motor and it will be your best kitchen helper. It has 6 speeds and a Pulse mode and uses a planetary mixing system, so all creams for cakes and dough for bread or sourdough are perfectly mixed, whipped and mixed. He can work for a long time without the need for a break to rest the engine.


Bonus gift: Wellness atmosphere with air humidified and aromatherapy benefits

The atmosphere of Christmas is so captivating! However, the smell of cinnamon and vanilla does not have to spread only from the oven where the Christmas pastry is being baked. If you drip essential oil with the scent of vanilla, apples or pine into the water in the ultrasonic humidifier Orava HUM-42, it will cover your home in the form of a fine water mist. In addition, it humidifies too dry air, which is just "baked" radiators, which is not suitable for health. It dries the mucous membranes of the nose and the sinuses, which are then more susceptible to virus or infection. Orava HUM-42 has a volume of up to 4 litres, so it does not need topping up, depending on the power intensity setting from 14 to 35 hours. Intuitively operated, with a simple button allows you to increase and reduce the therapy of hypertension water level. Although the automatic LED humidifier is white, thanks to the built-in light, it shines in smooth transitions in up to 7 colours, while you can set the most popular backlight colour using the icon on the humidifier. Not only the scent but also the light effects will help you relax on a stressful day and tune in to the approaching Christmas. Just like during Advent, it will please as a gift under the Christmas tree.