• RBD-609 G

    Alarm radio with big red display and analog AM/FM radio

    -"SLEEP" and "SNOOZE" modes
    -reserve battery
    -can be supplied from a single 9V battery

    RBD-609 G

Alarm clock radio

Code: RBD-609 G

• current time indication

• two levels of illumination intensity display

analog AM / FM radio

18,90 €

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Headphone outputNot
Dimensions (cm)23x13,7x8
AM radioYes
FM radioYes
USB portNot
AUX inputNot
Built-in card readerNot
Weight (kg)0.63
Remote controlYes
Battery type9V
The height of the digits on the display5
Projection on the wallYes
Backup power supply in case of power failureYes
SNOOZE (repeat alarm)Yes
SLEEP (delayed alarm)Yes
Wake up radio/beep soundYes

Alarm clock radio RBD-609 G

This great clock radio features SLEEP (auto power off) and SNOOZE (repeat alarm) for those who never get up for the first time. alarm beeps. It can wake you up with classic buzzing or radio music that is currently set up. It has an adjustable backlight with two levels of intensity. In the event of a power failure, the back-up battery ensures the right time is maintained. The device can be powered from one 9 V battery (back-up power supply) or connected to the mains using a power cord.
large numbers

Large numbers

Practical on this clock radio is a large-screen LED display, where you can see all the information you need.


The device has a built-in AM/FM radio with automatic radio station search (AM - very short wave radio, FM - long, medium and short wave radio).
backup power

Backup power  

The appliance is equipped with a backup power supply, which is very practical: even in the event of a sudden power failure, it will not be switched off and reset. During this time, it runs on battery power to keep all your settings. 

Alarm clock (sound/radio)

You can choose to wake up in the morning with alarm sound or radio. After all, you know best what awakening you are more comfortable with. You can set the type of wake-up sound or radio to suit your preference.
Snooze and Sleep

Snooze and Sleep

Thanks to the Snooze function (repeated ringing of the alarm after a certain time), you will never be late for work, or school again. The alarm clock rings again after few minutes to remind you that even today you simply need to get out of bed. With the Sleep function, you can pre-set the auto-off time. You will sleep and the radio alarm turns off at a specified time so that it doesn't disturb you or anyone who sleeps with you under a warm duvet.

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Alarm clock radio

Alarm clock radio

• current time indication

• two levels of illumination intensity display

analog AM / FM radio