Air fryer

Air fryer

Code: Airy-3

• revolutionary preparation without food

• 8 preset programs

• digital touch LED panel

• circulating hot air prepares food from all sides gently and quickly

 basket with a volume  3,5 l

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The circulating hot air prepares food from all sides gently and quickly

The Airy-3 hot air fryer is intended for heat treatment of frozen or fresh ingredients. This device will help you prepare economically and without unnecessary fat tasty food. The revolutionary construction and ventilation technology of the 1 400 W fryer guarantee an even and gentle effect of heat on the food.The temperature and duration of food preparation can be set digitally on the LED touch panel. You can choose from a 8 presets cooking programs that are used to prepare french fries, chicken fillets, steaks, burgers or other goodies. If you do not want to use any of the cookers programs, you can determine the time and temperature required to prepare the dish. The result of using a hot air  fryer is almost 60% time savings and the food retains its juiciness and crunchiness.

LED dotykový displej - Airy-3

Touch display

The hot air fryer is intuitively controlled on the touch LED display. In the manual you will find the recommended times, temperature and weight for preparing your favorite dishes. Orava Airy-3 will signal you with a timeout.

Just a teaspoon of oil

Avoiding burnt oil when preparing food is one of the mantras of nutrition counselors and doctors. However, you don't have to give up your baked and fried gastro hits for fear of high cholesterol, overweight and digestive problems. Just start frying and baking more gently and healthily - almost without oil, just with the help of circulating hot air! Like steaming, circulating hot air is a modern 21st-century style of eating.
Len lyžička oleja - Airy1
Kapacita fritézy Airy1 je 4,6 l.


Fried and baked delicacies are loved by young and old alike. During Sunday lunch, for a quick dinner and a party, everyone would like to have their portion on a plate as soon as possible. Then you will appreciate the generous, up to 3,5-liter capacity of the cooking basket. 

Safe handling

You don't have to worry about a hot handle when working with the Airy-3 fryer. In addition, the cooking basket and pan have a non-stick surface so they are easy to clean.
Bezpečná manipulácia
Radi experimentujete? Airy-3

Don't be afraid to experiment

Do you use the fryer only for the preparation of french fries or other classic fried dishes? Don't be afraid to try something new. The Airy-3 hot air fryer can also cleverly prepare sweet muffins, tasty bread or a good portion of meat.
3,5 L
Dimensions (cm)
27 x 30 x 37
1 400 W
Weight (kg)
Number of programs
Sound signaling
Temperature regulation
80 - 200 °C
Digital control
Build-in fan
Display type
Návod na obsluhu (SK)
Návod k obsluze (CZ)
Instruction manual (EN)
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