Multifunction food processor

- high power 1400 W
- even richer accessories
- volume of stainless steel bowl up to 7 l

Chef 1

Chef 1

Multifunctional food processor 1400 W, white

Code: Chef-1

• volume of stainless steel bowl 7  L
• accessories for grating with 3 different discs
• accessories for making a pasta with 6 different discs
• durable beating, whipping, mixing and kneading handpieces in stailess steel bowl

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Multifunctional food processor 1400 W, white


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Multifunctional food processor 1400 W, white
Pasta discs6
Dimensions (cm)37x33,6x19,5
Weight (kg)4,7
Noise max.80 dB
Number of speeds6
Bowl capacity7 l
Chopping bowl capacity1,5 l
Hnetacie hákyYes
Šľahacie metlyYes
Meat grinderYes
Kneading doughYes
Anti-slip feetYes
Planetary mixing systemYes
Filling sausagesYes
Mold for confectioneryYes

The real boss in your kitchen 

The high-quality food processor Chef 1 is an amazing assistant who will get away with the hard work of cooking and baking for you. Thanks to it, your kitchen will end up in times of heavy wrists and drudgery while cooking, baking and mixing. It looks like a chef - stylish white with accent the black and stainless steel looks like an unmistakable professional who finds his place in every kitchen regardless of the furnishing style, but his strengths are not only looks but also abilities. 6 speeds and Pulse mode can do it all: in a 7-liter stainless steel bowl, knead and whip out the perfect dough and creamy cakes, the metal meat grinder easily grinds the meat for an honest home-made hamburger. You can chop and grate vegetables and fruits on a 3-size grater e for salads, but also for sweet and savory cakes 1.5 l glass mixing bowl is ideal for preparing soups, sauces and healthy-charged smoothies. With its help you can easily conjure up sweet confectionery.It is easy to disassemble into smaller parts that can be easily washed under running water.Chef is equipped with rubber suction feet for a stable grip on the work surface. 


Pasta production

Chef 1  is an expert in preparing gastronomic delicacies not only from Slovak cuisine. If you are a lover of real Italian pasta, you will not be able to praise up to 6 different discs for Chefa 1 accessories for easy and fast preparation of homemade pasta. The production of homemade pasta will thus become a popular activity at your home, in which children will also be happy to help you.

Manufacture of confectionery

If your family loves the crunching of tea cakes, desserts go on sale at home and young and old like them as canapes, you will appreciate the help for home baking in bulk. Orava Chef 1 has a handy tweak in its kitchen arsenal - a template for shaping the dough for desserts. Thanks to it, instead of lengthy hand shaping and dripping robots along the way, you can bake cookies expressly and effortlessly for the entire regiment. 


For grating

Chef 1 is the right hand in the kitchen for fans of a healthy lifestyle. It can playfully prepare extra large portions of vegetable salads in a short time thanks to 2 handy grating rollers - with excellent results for fine or coarse according to your choice. In addition to vegetables and fruits, you will also be happy to grind hard pastries so that you can enjoy an honest homemade breadcrumbs. If you want to use sliced fruits, vegetables and hard cheeses when cooking homemade or Asian gastronomic delicacies, Chef also has a slicing roller.


Orava Chef 1 is also a master of mixes of various kinds. It mixes all the ingredients for the preparation of thick vegetable soups and sauces from the invention of the world thoroughly in a short time. It willingly prepares home-made baby food in organic quality for children, and serves honest portions of healthy smoothies to all family members without hesitation. Everyone can do without a long wait - the volume of the glass mixing bowl is up to 1.5 liters.
Mletí masa

Meat mincing 

The Orava Chef food processor can also playfully handle home-made meat processing in professional quality. Up to 3 discs with different hole sizes from 3 to 7 mm for fine, medium and coarse grinding are available if you get a taste for homemade meatballs, a juicy hamburger. To ensure that you do not grind a piece of finger with the meat, a pressure roller is also included for maximum safe use.

Kneading, whipping, mixing

Orava Chef 1 is an expert on preparing various types of dough and creams for famous cakes. It whips, kneades, mixes often and precisely - especially when preparing an acidicroute, you will appreciate that it will do all that work for you. An honestly prepared dough is the alpha and omega of a perfect cake or home-baked bread and a French baguette - it is easier to bake, smells nicer and has an amazing taste.
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      Multifunctional food processor 1400 W, white

      Multifunctional food processor 1400 W, white

      • volume of stainless steel bowl 7  L
      • accessories for grating with 3 different discs
      • accessories for making a pasta with 6 different discs
      • durable beating, whipping, mixing and kneading handpieces in stailess steel bowl