Orava car radio - traditional simplicity and intuitive operation

With your favorite music, your car journey will pass like water

Just connect a USB, or insert an SD card, or even less: turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone. With the AR-121 and AR-122 car radios, we bet on traditional simplicity and intuitive control you're used to. If you do not want to bother with complicated functions and you carry a lot of music on your flash disks, SD card or in your mobile phone, these car radios are made for you.

The biggest advantage of both devices is that they use modern and simple functions at the same time. To play music data from a flash drive or SD card, simply plug these data carriers into port and then just listen to your favorite music. The AR-122 also has a function that connects the radio to another device via Bluetooth. Imagine not wasting time thinking about where you left your CD or other media, and carry everything on your mobile. You get in the car, turn on the car radio, turn on Bluetooth, and listen. Why complicate things?

In addition, both car radios have the ability to control the device through the application on the smartphone and also the possibility to connect other external devices via the 3.5 mm AUX-IN jack. Model  AR-121 has maximum output power 4 x 25 W, model AR-122 4 x 60 W. Both radios have a large LCD display with blue backlit buttons and remote control. They will play you all the music in WMA/MP3 formats.

Of course, there is an AM/FM radio with an RDS function, so you can automatically tune in and save your popular frequencies (with AR-121 up to 20 stations, with AR-122 even 36 stations). You will always know which artist or song you are listening to thank the ID3-TAG function for identification from USB or SD. With the AR-121, you can also use the audio output for the amplifier (2x CINCH).

Orava car radios, the traditional style combined with modern features, all in the highest quality from top Slovak electronics manufacturer. Bet on a local stable manufacturer with long-term quality and top customer service, thanks to which you can listen to your music in any vehicle and wherever you are.

Orava car radios - simplicity and intuitive operation