5 tips for gifts that will please every mom

Moms can also look chic - please your mother on Mother's Day with a handy helper for a beautiful look!!

Mother's Day is a celebration of motherhood and an opportunity to thank mothers around the world for their sacrificial love and care. In individual countries of the world, this holiday is celebrated on different days of the year, in Slovakia it is always the second Sunday in May.

mother´s day, 9.5.

Love, tenderness, wisdom, strength and sacrifice - inspired by the life of Anna Reeves Jarvis

 The idea of celebrating the power and tenderness of motherhood regularly and internationally arose in 1907 in honor of the American Anna Reeves Jarvis, who fought all her life for the rights of mothers and children and for health education, for reducing the morbidity and mortality rate of children. She gave birth to up to 13children, but only four of them survived to adulthood. During the Civil War of the North against the South in the 19th century, she selflessly helped and cared for soldiers, regardless of affiliation with the warring parties, acted as a social activist in communities and leads a Sunday school. Perhaps Sunday School has been the inspiration for the holiday to be celebrated on Sunday, including in America since 1914, when the first national official Mother's Day was initiated by then-President Woodrow Wilson. In this calendar year, Mother's Day falls on Sunday, May 9. Do you already know what kind of gift will please your mother?

mama s dcérou, blahoželanie

Bouquet and the rule of HSS

Giving a mother a bouquet of flowers, a drawn picture or a handmade product is the privilege of small children who sincerely and wholeheartedly thank their mother for their daily attention and love. Nice and funny thanks, such as "Thank you for feeding me" or "I wish you a lot of mom" (understand: the best in the world), they put a smile on every mother's face and are the greatest satisfaction for her for the daily sacrifice . When children grow up, the habit of donating flowers remains, but only few people draw a picture or compose a poem for their mother. If you are also thinking about what could please your mother this year, bet on helpers for a beautiful look. Every woman likes to like it, she likes to adjust nicely before leaving the house for endless duties. No matter what beauty genetics has given her and how time has changed in her physical appearance, any woman can be beautiful. Just follow the rules of HSS - have well-groomed hair, glowing and healthy skin and a smile on your face.

For always groomed hair

If your mother has longer or medium-length hair, she will appreciate a helper who will adjust her hair into a smooth hairstyle, but also into wide waves - depending on how it suits her better or what hairstyle she just tastes for. Such is the Orava Tenera 2-in-1 hair straightener and crepe, which can do both ironing and curling hair. It has ceramic plates of a new generation with a smooth, slippery surface, which facilitates styling and prevents damage to the hair. It allows you to create a beautiful hairstyle without the help of another person and respects the individual quality of hair, so you can set the heating temperature of ceramic plates from 150 to 230 0C, depending on whether you have finer hair or strong and sharp than wires. It heats up quickly, after 5 seconds it is ready for use. 

If your mother likes to adjust her hair into rich curls, but she doesn't like standing in front of a mirror for a long time and she would like a super hairstyle finished expressively and effortlessly, give her the Orava K-231 curling iron. It curls hair without the need to twist her wrists and wind the hair manually. The curls created by it will last even more days, the hair will not straighten after a few hours and the hairstyle will not lose any of its elasticity and beauty even after a demanding day. In addition, the curling iron also has a unique steaming technology, thanks to which the curls have a fresh, hydrated appearance. It conjures perfect curls in 3 different directions - to the face, from the face to the inverter. It has 3 levels of temperature control and 3 levels of timer for free, flexible and long-lasting curls
If your mother prefers a classic with many possibilities of use when adjusting her hairstyle, she will certainly appreciate the multifunctional curling iron Orava KF-300 with 5 different handpieces. It has a classic hair dryer, a brush for shaping waves, a curling iron for curls, a comb for a smooth hairstyle and up to a 38 mm brush that lifts even fine and thinner hair, so it will look fuller and more voluminous. She also has a Cool cold air button for fixing the hairstyle, which is usually only available to hair dryers

For healthy, glowing and youthful looking skin 

Skin like a rose is every woman's dream. Also our moms dream about it, because time has already mercilessly painted wrinkles around their eyes, forehead and in the corners of mouth. Although we can't stop time, we can at least alleviate its devastating effects and restore the skin to a fresher look, more elasticity, and soften wrinkles without the use of chemistry and surgery. Regular skin cleansing, facial massage and application of nourishing creams and brightening emulsions are the alpha and omega for the best results. The mother will be pleased by two helpers from Orava, who are dedicated to daily skin care. The first is the Orava MP-700 face massage device - a great helper of mini dimensions and  weight, but extremely targeted for maximum results. Thanks to iontophoresis and vibrating massage, it smoothes wrinkles and helps to apply nutrients from creams and emulsions to the basal layer of the skin, thus doubling their beneficial effect. It perfuses the skin and brightens the skin. The ingenious design of its T-shaped massage head has been developed to make it easier to use and maximize the enchanting result. 

The second is an ultrasonic scrubber for cleansing the skin Orava Venera 1. Let your mother also know for themselves what effects the most modern technology can have - ultrasound. Venus 1 gently removes the upper parts of the mixture of dead cells and deeply removes toxic substances and bacteria from the clogged pores, which cause inflammation of the cells, often even when hormones change during menopause. When cleansed with a gentle massage, it stimulates the circulation  which helps reduce wrinkles and remove circles under the eyes. It vibrates gently during cleaning, so cleaning is several times more effective and less demanding than conventional manual cleaning. It is suitable for all skin types and is easy to handle, even a woman in her 60s can handle it without any problems. Orava Venere 1 works on a rechargeable Li-ion battery, which is easily charged via the AC adapter in the mains or just connect it to the computer via the supplied cable. 

Whether you decide to please your mother with any of the mentioned helpers Orava on Mother's Day, a satisfied smile is guaranteed to shine on her face.


Source of photos: Depositphotos, Orava