The weather cannot be relied on in April.

While you leave the house, make the most of any of the meteorological stations Orava

The weather cannot be relied on in April. Once it rains, in a moment the sun shines. Temperatures during the day are still surprisingly low, sudden changes in the weather are the order of the day. The view through the window is not enough for us to be able to get ready for work in the morning and for school duties so that we are not cold or, on the contrary, too hot, or suddenly the rain on the street did not surprise us with rain.

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Then you will appreciate a reliable digital weather station at home, which will inform you about the weather and trends during the day without hesitation. Thanks to it, before you get out of bed, you will know exactly how it is at home and outdoors. Such is, for example, the digital weather station Orava MC-103, which, thanks to an external sensor, will always provide you with exactly data on how many degrees are raging outside the window. In addition to the outdoor temperature, it also displays the room temperature and humidity on a well-readable display, from 20 to 95%. Even for children, weather forecast icons such as sunny, partly cloudy, cloudy, rain or smilies are easy to understand, which depict the comfort of the room depending on the temperature and humidity achieved in the interior. The Orava MC-103 is not just a silent observer - when the temperature and humidity in the room exceed or fall below the preset values, an audible signal alerts you to this unwanted change. It also displays the date, time, day of the week, phases of the month and also works as an alarm clock. Those who want to be one step ahead of the fickle weather will be pleased to see trends in temperature and humidity.

The second model of the digital weather station, which you can now also buy for a special price, is the Orava Meteo. Like the Orava MC-103, it has a wireless outdoor sensor powered by batteries, waterproof and made in white to prevent overheating in the sun. Thanks to it, you will know even before you cross the threshold of your home what the weather is like outside. It measures the temperature of the outdoor environment as well as the temperature in the interior and clearly displays them on an extra large display, with a large display of numbers for seniors. With the help of simple pictograms, it also informs you about the weather forecast, so it is clear at a glance whether the sun is shining behind the windows, whether there is a risk of rain or it will be under a cloud. The display of the weather station also shows the current date, day of the week and time, and will also serve you well as an alarm clock with the Snooze function, so that you do not miss anything from your daily program from early in the morning.