Manual for perfect evening

On February 14, all lovers have circled in their calendar. Feast of St. Valentína, who originally did not belong to the repertoire of Slovak customs and traditions, gained more and more popularity in Slovakia after the Gentle Revolution - and today there are only a few happily in love who would not celebrate it. We can show love at any time of the year, but let's face it, Valentine's Day is much more pleasing with evidence of love.

Patron of lovers

Feast of St. Valentine's Day is associated with the life of a priest, doctor and Saint Valentine from the Italian town of Terni, who worked in Rome during the reign of Emperor Claudia II. This Roman emperor indulged in military expeditions and needed dedicated soldiers in the best form, who would be fascinated by the fight and would not be distracted by any other secular pleasures. That is why he forbade his soldiers to marry and have other obligations than just those towards the emperor. However, Bishop Valentín of Terni ignored his ban and willingly married couples in love, despite the current regulations. Claudius II. he therefore imprisoned him and had him executed by beheading on February 14, 269. It is said that the imprisoned Valentine also treated and healed the sick in the dungeon, and even fell in love with the daughter of his jailer, to whom he restored hearing and sight before his execution. He said goodbye to her before his death, a ticket signed "from your Valentine".

Valentine's Day as a favorable speech

This probably stems from the habit of sending my (secret or publicly known) love a short confession in the form of a ticket, the so-called Valentine's card.  You may have remembered the tender, hoarse, melancholic tones of Tom Waits's Blue Valentines, or you may have watched the romantic 2010 film Blue Valentine about lost and rediscovered love. This greatest human feeling has many forms - but the most beautiful is love repeated and with a magnificent happy ending. However, our old mothers already said that even their own mother does not understand a dumb child. So don't hesitate and say something nice for Valentine's Day, write it down, make confession of your feelings and let your half know that she has a unique place in your life - on your right

Perfect romance or love surprise in your own way

As with everything, there is no single right recipe for the perfect Valentine's evening. Some people love romance and great gestures, there must be burning candles, champagne and rose petals, others prefer to express their feelings in an original way, without repeating common clichés. Otherwise, Valentine will be celebrated by fresh lovers, otherwise couples who have long lived in the same household, raising children. Each couple has their own evening, but we bring you a few tips on handy helpers who can help you make this unique evening more enjoyable.

Captivating scents and love songs for dances in pairs

If you want to prepare a pleasant Valentine's evening for your love, give pleasure to all the senses. From time immemorial it has been said that love passes through the stomach, so prepare something nice under her tooth (and favorites!). Some people will enjoy a heart-shaped cake, some will be overcooked steak, while others will not be allowed to make unadulterated homemade chips for crunchy eating while watching a romantic movie. (Chips are prepared quickly and without remorse in the Orava Airy 1 hot air fryer). Be sure to come up with something, because unfortunately this year you probably won't have a Valentine's dinner in pairs in your top restaurant ... Think also about the hit parade of your love - songs that you like to listen to together and remind you of the history of your love. You can listen to your favorite songs to the fullest, for example, directly from the smartphone, but in premium sound quality via the Orava Crater-5 portable bluetooth speaker, even to create a romantic atmosphere with an imitation of a burning flame. And finally - don't forget the smell, already in the Thousand and One night Shehrezada would be able to tell you about them! They have great power, they grip - even in the shackles of love. Use the ultrasonic humidifier and the Orava HUM-42 aroma diffuser, into which you pour water and add a few drops of the right essential oil. Did you know that sandalwood, rose, but also cinnamon are aphrodisiacs that stimulate desire?

A Valentine's surprise for him and for her - how to present your half?

If this year you want to please your love with a valuable gift that conjures a smile on her face on Valentine's Day, but she will enjoy it every day of the year, looking for a handy helper for the perfect look. Both women and men care about what they look like, and knowing that there is space for improvement every day, they will appreciate a helper who helps them in this endeavor. The traditional Slovak brand of electrical devices Orava has now prepared a Valentine's Day special offer for all lovers - it offers up to a 10% discount on all available products in the Beuty series when shopping in the e-shop Just enter the discount code when ordering online: Valentin21. This Valentine's event of Orava lasts until Sunday, February 14, 2021. 

Orava wishes you a lot of success in love and joy from every moment together!


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