Children will love you for these dishes

Your children's favourite meals - which appliances will make them in a snap

Every day, you try to get as many fruits and vegetables into your little ones' mouths as possible. You offer them vegetable fritters, broccoli soup, roasted pumpkin and the kids shake their heads dismissively. Maybe they will at least like fish, eggs, dairy products and meat. Or is it really very difficult for you to prepare food for them without having to fight them over the plate? Our advice is to persevere. Don't give up, because it's in childhood that a child learns the habits of how to make a healthy diet. Although they don't always have to like food "at first". However, from time to time you can make a small exception and treat them to what they love - a sweet waffle, a homemade hotdog or cotton candy. For a reward, just for fun, or when they have friends over. Here are some tips for helpers from the Slovakian brand Orava that will make preparing these children's gastro hits really fun.

One helper for hotdogs, eggs and steamed vegetables

Do your kids love eggs and an honest homemade hotdog? These filling meals will get them started for the day, but they'll also save hungry tummies as a quick dinner. To prepare them, all you need is a single appliance - the Orava HM-03 GR hotdog and egg cooker in one. It's quick to prepare hotdogs - you can cook up to six sausages at a time in the non-stick container. These are steamed, making them juicier and crispier than if you cooked them in water. While the sausages are cooking, skewer the rolls onto the stainless steel spikes. They'll overcook all the way through and will smell beautifully like they're freshly baked. If you want to add vegetables or other ingredients to the hot dog, cut the roll in half after heating so that it can be opened. Then fill it with whatever your kids like, or sneak in vegetables they wouldn't otherwise eat. If the kids get a craving for eggs, put a six-egg rack in the container and steam the eggs. In no time, you'll have them ready just the way your kids love them - soft, hard and rotten. And when your child does get the hankering for something extra healthy, steam vegetables in the cooker too - broccoli, asparagus, corn or cauliflower will be ready in under 10 minutes. You can buy the Orava HM-03 GR for 42,90 euros.

Hotdogs in a different way

A hotdog doesn't have to be just a roll, a sausage and ketchup. It's a classic that kids love, but try other versions of the dish. A hotdog will be fresher if you add thinly sliced pieces of cucumber, cabbage or leaf lettuce. If your kids like it, add some sliced scallions to the colourful palette too. Add Dijon mustard, sliced tomatoes and a good portion of grated cheese to an American hot dog for teenagers. A combination of sausage, sauerkraut and classic mustard is also delicious in a hot dog. For gourmets, the combination of sausage, caramelised onions and crispy bacon is ideal. However, it is possible that the children will be most pleased with the classic with ketchup, to which they will at least have tomatoes and pieces of lettuce, if they ask for it. The other variations of this popular street food dish are what we adults like to enjoy.

The sweetest heartfelt confessions

Who wouldn't love waffles! Fluffy, crunchy, sprinkled with sugar and small fruits, drizzled with maple syrup or served with a generous portion of whipped cream and melted chocolate, they're delicious for young and old alike. Making them delicious, however, can be a bit of a science. It's not just a fine-tuned dough that counts, but also a quality appliance. That's the Orava W-01 waffle maker, with which you can conjure up adorable heart-shaped waffles for your loved ones. Thanks to the 1,200 W power input, their preparation is really fast and the appliance prepares up to five sweet heart-shaped confessions in one go. The circular dial makes it easy to set the optimum cooking temperature and the special coating on the plates ensures that the waffles don't stick and burn. The appliance opens safely thanks to the thermally insulated handle and stands firmly on rubber feet. The Orava W-01 can be bought for 24,90 euros.

Recipe for quick waffle batter

Thanks to the leavening powder, the batter will be ready quickly even without rising and the waffles will be beautifully fluffy. The batter takes up to 10 minutes to prepare.

130 g plain flour, 1 tbsp baking powder, 0.25 KL salt, 1 tbsp granulated sugar, 1 tbsp vanilla sugar, 2x eggs (M), 150 ml whole milk, 50 g butter
How to do it. In another bowl, whisk together the milk, eggs and melted butter. Make a well in the mixed bulk ingredients and pour the mixed liquid ingredients into it. Knead into a thinner dough. Brush the waffle maker plates with a little oil, let them heat up. When they are hot, scoop out the batter with a spoon and bake the waffles. However, don't put the batter all the way to the edges so that it doesn't leak when baking. Serve the baked waffles with melted butter, honey, jam, maple syrup, whipped cream and small fruits. Just the way we and the kids like them best.

Long live cotton candy!

What do all children love? Cotton candy! It doesn't cost much to make it at home, but it's worth its weight in gold to your kids. If you want to make family celebrations, children's parties or just decide to sweeten their holiday days with this treat, the Orava CM-551 cotton candy machine should not be missing in your home. With its help, you can conjure up sweet temptations on a wooden stick quickly and easily. All you need is crystal sugar and food colour - pink, green, blue, yellow or red candyfloss is guaranteed to put a smile on children's faces. So you can treat yourself to high-quality cotton candy for just a few euros any time of the year. The machine is easy to operate and clean and the product package also includes a sugar scoop. You can buy the Orava CM-551 for 55,90 euros.