Always at hand - 2in1 wireless charger with PowerBank

Electricity supply for your unforgettable trip out of civilization

Electricity supply for your unforgettable trip out of civilization

A discharged phone will not upset you even in the greatest wilderness. You don't even have to have a cable - provided, of course, that your smartphone supports wireless charging. Powerbank Orava WCH-004 will be your source of energy whenever you need it.

Even the greatest lover of nature and the offline regime does not want to be left to fend for themselves during adventurous journeys without a connection to the outside world. That is why powerbank is already a mandatory travel equipment today. Orava is not behind and offers a power bank with the possibility of wireless and conventional charging. If you take USB cables with you, you can connect up to 3 devices at once. The ideal solution for family camping or trips with friends. Until you take a nap, your cell phones or smart watches will be at full strength again.

The continuous charging of the smartphone wirelessly is ensured by practical suction cups, with the help of which you can hold the mobile phone in the wireless zone and it will not slip. The device is suitable for all devices that have Qi technology. The electricity storage is a built-in Li-ion battery with a capacity of 10 000 mAh. The Powerbank is handy, elegant and fits in your pocket like a regular smartphone, so it won't add to your luggage volume.

WCH-001 - Qi tech


WCH-004 _ capacity

When the power supply is out of energy,  your device will start to signal a discharge, and then you can charge it at home via any AC adapter with a 5 V, 2 A DC output voltage, 18 W fast charging function, via a computer or car charger. We recommend recharging the powerbank after each trip so that you are never left at a disadvantage without electricity. After switching on, the powerbank signals the charge level using LED indicators. However, if no charging device is found, it will automatically turn off automatically after 30 seconds. When the device is charged, it switches to standby mode again.

Orava is a traditional Slovak brand that relies on product quality and reliable service. We are adapting to the latest trends and the Orava WCH-004 powerbank is also a device that combines traditional reliability with current technical possibilities.